Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Ape!

Go Ape - it's not in the dictionary but if it was, it would be described as a 'high-wire forest adventure'. I brought my inner ape at Go Ape, Aberfoyle in Stirling with my fellow good friends last weekend. The best thing is, the Aberfoyle course has the longest zip slide in the UK! We ecstatically handled 3 great hours adrenalin pumping adventure. I think we are truly wild enough to climb 30ft up a rope ladder, Tarzan swing into a giant rope net then zip wire through trees, crawl through tunnels and tackle high wire rope.

The first 15 minutes was the syncing moment to get all my body parts warmed up (having the thought of "if I crashed like a melon, somebody must continue to write here in Diva Darling!!). Once I clipped myself to the zip slide, it becomes routine and start noticing the wilderness around me plus the height *gasp*.

Once everyone is comfortable with their own gears ("Blue goes through; Mr Red's first on, last off; ALWAYS STAY ATTACHED"), we continue on to try different obstacles like tarzan swing, the never ending jumping onto a cargo net, ladder, crossing and ride down a zip line wiiiiiiiiii!. It's not a great feeling landing backways and picking all the wood chips out of your underwear but hey, it's part of the adventure!

I won't go into details of each stage and obstacle instead I have attached few visual for viewing. Enjoy all and would recommend to all adventure seeker to try this high-wire crossings and stomach-hollowing Tarzan drops.

Embrace the monkey inside me. love

See you all up there!

This is not over yet!

I'm almost there :)


i've made it, yay!

Lots more to come star

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo