Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prada Indulgence

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By research nine out of ten, getting a Prada handbag is a good fashion investment. Vast majority of Prada bags are versatile and trendy additions to your wardrobe. This entry will reveal the Prada collections that are going to stand the test of time and you are just going to keep on carrying season after season, and year after year.


Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Prada handbags are elegance and quality all rolled into one. They are designed to look beautiful but do the job. They can literally be your every day bag for years and continue to perform great and still look stylish. Look at Prada travel bags - you know how badly bags get treated during plane travel, but Prada always emerge looking as good as they went in.

7.1-Prada-clutch_new_gallery_b_600_600Prada summer

The vibrant fresh spring summer look of Prada

I know it’s not one of the cheapest in the range, however Prada make their bags using the best quality materials - grade leather. Even the string that is used for stitching is not common industrial type thread. They get suppliers who understand their specifications to produce a great bag, and then go on to get the very best of materials to put their bags together.


This entry may sound a bit one sided, it’s actually just for the purpose of responding to our readers feedback and needs. So if you've made up your mind to get with a range of bags that will never let you down, you can continue to scroll down…Smile

loveBrevetto Grained Calf Leather Tote

Brevetto grained calf tote7
Dimension: 36 L x 36 H x 14 D cm

Two inside pockets: one zipper pocket & one cellphone/credit card pocket

Snap closure with detachable shoulder strap

Brevetto grained calf tote6 Brevetto grained calf tote8

Available colours: White, Bright Blue, Cobalt Blue, Black, Peony Pink, Red & Sand

Price: RM4,400

loveGlacè Grained Calf Leather Tote

Glace calf leather tote2Glace calf leather tote3

Dimension: 38 L x 27 H x 15 D cm

Four inside pockets: two zipper pockets & two cellphone/credit card pockets

Leather lining with detachable shoulder strap

Glace calf leather tote1Glace calf leather tote4

Glace calf leather tote

Available colours: Aviator Blue and Black

Price: RM5,800

loveHobo Shiny Calf Leather Paladium Hobo Bag

Hobo PaladiumHobo Paladium1

Dimension: 38 L x 34.5 H x 14 D cm

Two inside pockets: one zipper pocket & one cellphone/credit card pocket

Prada logo lining with Paladium hardware

Hobo Paladium2Hobo Paladium3

Available colour: Clay Grey

Price: RM3,660

loveVitello Daino Hobo Bag

Vitello Daino hobo1Vitello Daino hobo3

Dimension: 36 L x 32 H x 14 D cm

Metal logo lettering and buckle detailing with single carry strap

Vitello Daino hobo2Vitello Daino hobo4

Available colours: Blue and Peony Pink

Price: RM3,350

loveDenim Canvas Logo Tote

Canvas tote1Canvas tote4

Dimension: 50 L x 33 H x 22 D cm

Denim canvas tote bag with double carry handles and contrast stitching.

Canvas tote2Canvas tote5

Canvas toteCanvas tote3

Available colours: Medium Blue and Stone

Price: RM2,080

lovePolished Soft Calf Hobo Bag

Polished TotePolished Tote2

Dimension: 33 L x 29 H x 15 D cm

Three inside pockets: One zipper pocket & two cellphone/credit card pockets

Leather lining with polished silver-plated hardware

Polished Tote1Polished Tote3

Available colour: Black

Price: RM4,380

loveVitello Daino Tote

Vitello Daino tote1Vitello Daino tote4

Dimension: 38 L x 34 H x 14 D cm

Leather Vitello Daino with a single popper closure and two carry handles.

Metal logo lettering, luggage tag and long shoulder strap.

Vitello Daino tote2Vitello Daino tote3

Vitello Daino tote

Available colours: Peony Pink and Black

Price: RM4,000

loveShoulder Grained Calf Leather

Shoulder Grained Calf leather1Shoulder Grained Calf leather2

Dimension: 40 L x 30 H x 18 D cm

One inside pocket with snap closure and detachable shoulder strap

Shoulder Grained Calf leatherShoulder Grained Calf leather3

Available colours: Sand, Brown, Blue and Black

Price: RM4,460

loveVitello Shine Bow Puff Clutch Bag

Vitello Shine puff bag1Vitello Shine puff bag5

Vitello Shine puff bag4

Dimension: 23 L x 14 H x 4 D cm

Shiny finish leather clutch with adjustable carry strap and central zip closure.

Vitello Shine puff bagVitello Shine puff bag2

Available colours: Blue, Light Pink and Grey

Price: RM1,460

loveBow Antique Soft Leather Wallet

Soft leather walletSoft leather wallet2

Dimension: 18.7 L x 9 H

Ten credit card slots & one coin compartment with zipper

Two snap closure with gold plated hardware.

Soft leather wallet1Soft leather wallet3

Available colours: Peony Pink,Turquoise, Orchid Pink and Black

Price: RM1,870

I love this wacky Prada summer/spring video campaign Smile