Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting that Fab look

When dressing up for work, you should not settle for "good enough" unless you want to look like the "average Joe or Jane". At times, "good enough" is actually mediocre and you only realise it as soon as you step into the office, at which time, everything is too late. Wearing the proper attire is a step up in your career.

Dress to impress. If you dream to be one of the "bosses" in your company, dress like they do. Remember that the attire you wear says a lot about your personality and individuality. Don't be a mere apprentice. Mount the ladder to success. It doesn't have to cost you a lot. Simply dress smart and know how to enhance your wardrobe with a couple of fine pieces.

To start off, you have to know what color suits your personality. You might want to try wearing red to look aggressive but if you're not unable to project that image, you may look like you're too early for Valentine's Day. (ahem, clearing my throat) Your body shape and balance points should also be taken into consideration. Fashion sense can be easily learned and picked up along the way.

Striving for a "perfect image" takes more time than you think. Don't do it all at once. Do it at your own pace and try to add something new everyday. It's the littlest things that really make the biggest effect.

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo

May K-16 (Executive Soft Pleated Top)

Material: 35% Polyester, 65% Nylon

Size S: Length -54cm, Chest - 88cm, Shoulder -33cm
Size M: Length -56cm, Chest - 91cm, Shoulder -34cm
Size L: Length -58cm, Chest - 95cm, Shoulder -35cm

Price: RM75 (including shipment)

May K-17 (Executive Dior Ruffle Dress)

Material: Silk

Size S: Length -69cm, Chest - 83cm, Waist-87cm
Size M: Length -71cm, Chest - 85cm, Waist-89cm

Price: RM78 (including shipment)

May K-18 (Silk Bow Tie Blouse)

Material: Matte Silk

Colour Available:

Size S: Length -60cm, Chest - 87cm, Shoulder-36cm
Size M: Length -61cm, Chest - 88cm, Shoulder-37cm
Size L: Length -62cm, Chest - 89cm, Shoulder-38cm

Price: RM79 (including shipment)

*2 waitlisted orders (purple) love

May K-19 (Black Ribbon Skirt)

Material: Silk

Size M: Length -56cm, Waist- 66cm, Hip-84cm
Size L: Length -56cm, Waist - 82cm, Hip-99cm

Price: RM88 (including shipment)

May K-20 (Waist Tie Blue/Black Blouse)

Material: Cotton

Size S: Shoulder -34cm, Chest- 86cm, Waist-72cm
Size M: Shoulder -35cm, Chest- 91cm, Waist-77cm
Size L: Shoulder -36cm, Chest- 96cm, Waist-82cm

Price: RM84 (including shipment)

May K-21 (Executive Flowy Sleeve Dress)

Material: Silk & Chiffon

Size S: Shoulder -34cm, Chest- 86cm, Waist-73cm
Size L: Shoulder -36cm, Chest- 96cm, Waist-83cm

Price: RM89 (including shipment)

May K-22 (Layered Chiffon Blouse)

Material: Silk & Chiffon

Available Colour: White, Pink, Black,Green, Purple

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Medium- Large)

Price: RM80 (including shipment)

May K-23 (Executive V-Ruffle Silk Blouse)

Material: Matte Silk

Size S: Shoulder -36cm, Chest- 87cm, Length-58cm
Size M: Shoulder -37cm, Chest- 92cm, Length-59cm
Size M: Shoulder -38cm, Chest- 97cm, Length-60cm

Price: RM80 (including shipment)

May K-24 (Executive Slim Cut Jacket)

Material: 75% Mercerized Cotton, 25% Fibre

Size S: Shoulder -34cm, Chest- 78cm, Length-49cm
Size M: Shoulder -35cm, Chest- 83cm, Length-50cm
Size L: Shoulder -36cm, Chest- 86cm, Length-51cm

Price: RM90 (including shipment)

May K-25 (Elegant Chiffon Polka-Dot Waist Ribbon Dress)

Material: Chiffon

Best Fit: UK8 - UK10

Price: RM88 (including shipment)