Monday, January 21, 2013

Fitflop Pietra & Birkenstock

If you love comfort, lightness and with just the right dose of 'flash', the irresistible Pietra occupies the top spot as our bestselling Fitflop sandal this month. Smothered in bling bronze and black for a bit of girly-whirl overlays, make the shiny outline around the sandals.

Fitflop Pietra Bronze and Black

Stylish chic Pietra ‘bronze’ sandals


Lovely bling bronze, perfect for day-to-day wear

We have the same pair and wearing them all the time (absolutely gorgeous and comfy!), we love the foot bed carries contoured and cushioned that protects us from slide-wet surfaces. Both characters suit for stylish, fashion friendly and chic women  with practical value.




Birkenstock ‘Gizeh’ with excellent metatarsal support made in Germany

Besides helping to tone your legs and bottom as you walk, there is another brand made in Germany that is quite similar with its leather quality and comfort. Our regular clients both love Fitflop and Birkenstock label. We often think about our feet in terms of length and width, but the last time we checked we are three dimensional beings and our feet do have varying thicknesses or “volume”.

Stylish colour and high quality leather


To put it another way, some feet have very high insteps while others are the complete opposite and might even be your feet. The Birkenstock ‘Gizeh’ is a sturdy flip-flop design and it helps to keep your big toe in a proper place. We have discovered how much we loved all that metatarsal support and how our client loved wearing this style with all kinds of outfits.

No matter how tight you buckled those sandals, you could still stick a finger under the straps



We have sold more than 50 pairs of Fitflop and few Birkenstock under our Personal Shopper service and not only we keep your tootsies happy, you will also have optimum foot bliss without even going out from your house to get your favourite Fitflop and Birkenstock by using our service.

Get in touch with us, if you want us to help you purchase Fitflop & Birkenstock sandals exclusively on our Personal Shopper service (open to individual, retailers and blog shop owners) please contact

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hermès Victoria II & Clic H

We are so delighted for the New Year 2013, a lot of exciting things going on and our main highlight for this month entry is our recent Personal Shopper service on the most prestigious designer label Hermès that counts many of the world’s wealthiest women as fans, also known for luxury leather accessories. This time we have the honour to assist our VVIP client to get one of her favourite Hermès bag (thank you dear, for your impeccable support, trust and understandingSmile), the Victoria II bag in Etoupe Taurillon Clemence and Clic H enamel bracelets.

The famous ‘Orange’ box and packaging


Tadaa!! Let’s mosey around what’s inside the dust bag

Hermès Victoria II bag in Etoupe Taurillon Clemence leather

hermes victoria II

Credits to Hermès site

It has been an unforgettable and exciting Personal Shopper experience, we must definitely say the service we offered have evolved out of our own personal experience in getting the specific Hermès handbag especially the ‘Birkin’ bag. The travel to France and Monaco last year searching for one of her favourite bag has broaden our horizon in terms of our approach and strategy to purchase the most coveted handbag of all time.

Dimension: 35cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 15cm (D)

Superb leather quality!

The Hermès Victoria II shoulder bag is another proud and joy of Hermès creation after the Birkin bag, it has an excellent superb leather quality, over the top silver tone Palladium "HERMES" padlock (with two keys) and five silver tone feet on the bottom.

Padlock with two keys are included



Other than its exclusivity, the interior of the bag has one large open pocket and two small open pockets. We love the enormous space that it provides and the handle height is 17’’ and you can carry the bag by hand or on shoulder, either way is chic and elegant.



It’s gorgeous and shiny , we love the colours and see how it matches your outfits

Available in PM and GM size


The ever popular Hermès Clic H bracelet is perfect for layering, or wearing on their own, a forever favourite for Hermes lovers. We love this unique bracelet (available in PM and GM size) has front clasp which is behind the H (which must be pushed in, then twisted upward to open), and the interior back is engraved in 'HERMES' 'H'.

Above all, the service we received from Hermes UK has been impeccable and an exemplary. We provide exclusive reputable Personal Shopper service to our client globally and we can help to purchase Hermès accessories and leather goods direct from Hermès boutiques (**Reminder: WE DON’T SELL FAKES!). 

All you need to do :-
1. Tell us what you're looking for (it will help us a lot, if you can give model/name/brand/website links etc.)
2. We quote the price, you make payment & we help to purchase & deliver.

Have a lovely week beautiful!