Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Red Contest: Week 3

Phew...what a week!! It has been a hectic week for Diva Darling. Promotions, venturing fun things, meet lots of local Malaysian in a foreign land, etc. We will tell you more about it in the next post (stay tune).

Folks, we didn't forget the Red Contest, yes it's still on! This week will be the last week to submit your photos to us. You have the time until this Friday!

Many thanks to all our lovely contestants and their creative photos. We appreciate your submission and we enjoyed reading the captions and stories. Here it goes dear readers, enjoy the week!

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo

Entry #11 love

The uniqueness about this photo is, it shows how powerful the reds are. Though this photo is full with white colours, but still the colour of red first capture our attention.

This photo was taken at City Walk, Shah Alam, during the date with mr. boyfriend. :) :)

Entry #12 love

I just love red.
Red is unique in its own way.
And I do think that people are unique too if they wear anything with "it", cause it is a symbol of love! :)

Entry #13 love

This picture was taken yesterday, while on a shopping run with my mum and sister.. I found this very big and red chilli that reminded me of the spices of life, and how some can hit you hard and might even bring you down, pulling you inside it's negativity.. so I took this picture, to symbolize me taking control of my spices and stating, "I am myself, I am positive.. nothing can bring me down!".. and I have remained today, positive while dealing with all the spices that come my way..

Entry #14 love

I think RED makes me confident and feel strong in every single moment. =)

Entry #15 love

Gambar yang dipertaruhkan adalah gambar persalinan masa kawin almost 2 tahun lepas.
Baju yang saya pakai ni adalah pakaian tradisional jepun iaitu kimono. ini adalah pertama kali dan mungkin terakhir saya berpakaian sedemikian.. warna merah pakaian dan bunga di kepala betul2 menaikkan semangat dan seri pengantin si pemakai.. :)