Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet us Live!

Meet DIVA DARLING and ANIS MAGIC FINGER live !! at Mont Kiara, Sunrise concourse

Date: 21 March, 28 March, 4 April, 11 April (every Sunday)
Time: 9 am - 6 pm

What do we have to offer???

Cakes, Cupcakes, New Fashion Collection, Jewelleries, Lucky Draw and

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See you all there!!

Diva Darling Boutique

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Fashion Inspiration

This week entry is all about fashion inspiration. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new outfits and inspiration. I often get asked how do I keep up with it all and the next question is how do you stay inspired without buying a whole new wardrobe weekly?

There is a lot of creativity involved in fashion - even if it is just in choosing how you wear the few basic pieces you have. Just like artists and writers looking for inspiration to keep their creativity flowing, fashionistas need their inspiration too!

Fashion inspiration comes in variety of forms; from the looks on runway, to a stylish girl in your class, movies, or just a piece of art. Of course, we can't forget the most reliable sources of fashion inspiration: THE CELEBRITIES! I know the next question to me will be, "Why celebrities?".

The answer: they have really amazing stylists, and they are a walking fashion editorials going to Starbucks. These famous people pay a professional to dress them, and have access to all the latest designer clothes. Observing them is a great way to find out about the newest trends and pieces before they hit the stores.

My fashion inspiration for this month collection will be the Queen of Casual Chic - Rachel Bilson. Her style never really bold and daring but always remain simple, trendy and pretty. Rachel is one of my favourite fashion muses simply because she pulls off so many trendy looks with ease. She's a perfect fashion muse for petite ladies like me.

If you have a trendy sense of style, love to switch up your looks, and want to look put-together yet effortless, Rachel will be a great muse for you!

Diva Darling Boutique

Mac K-11 (Noble Neck Silky Satin Top)

Material: Silky Satin

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK6-8)

Length: 55cm, Sleeves: 41cm, Chest: 80-92cm

Colour Available: 2 x Black

Price: RM48 / £16 / USD20 (including shipment)

Mac K-12 (Sweet Ribbon Shining Snaps Headband)

Description: Bow (2.6cm)
Colour Available: 3 x Black love - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!
1 final piece left!! star

Price: RM20 /
£11 / USD13 (including shipment)

Mac K-13 (Soft Patterned Gems Long Sleeve Top)

Material: Cotton & Gems

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 69cm, Sleeves: 56cm, Chest: 76-98cm

Colour Available: 3 x Brown love -OUT OF STOCK!!

Price: RM50 (including shipment)

Mac K-14 (Laced Back Dotted Pink Dress)

Material: Cotton and Chiffon

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK6-8)

Length: 86cm, Chest: 82-92cm (with interlining)

Colour Available: 2 x Pink - star BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!

1 piece left!!

Price: RM62 (including shipment)

Mac K-15 (Pearl Bud Lovely Floral Earrings)

Description: Black Pearl

Colour Available: 3 x Black

Price: RM12/ £7 / USD 9 (including shipment)

Mac K-16 (Stylish Gems Straps Navy Blue Top)

Material: Stretchable Cotton and Gems

Best Fit: Small-Medium (UK6-8)

Length: 65cm, Sleeves: 58cm, Chest: 80cm

Colour Available: 1 x Navy Blue

Price: RM58 (including shipment) - OUT OF STOCK!!

Mac K-17 (Softy Vertical Knitted Cotton Blouse)

Material: Stretchable Cotton

Best Fit: Medium-Large (UK8-10)

Length: 75cm, Sleeves: 62cm, Chest: 90-116cm, Sleeve Width: 23cm

Colour Available: 1 x Olive

Price: RM52 (including shipment)

Mac K-18 (Vogue Ribbon Chiffon Blouse)

Material: Chiffon and Silky Satin

Best Fit: Medium-Large (UK8-10)

Length: 66cm, Sleeves: 50cm, Chest: 95cm (with interlining)

Colour Available: 2 x Abstract Black/White - star SOLD OUT!!
Price: RM50/ £19 / USD24 (including shipment)

Mac K-19 (Hollywood Golden Olive-Shaped Headband)

Description: Black Headband & Gold Sequin/Embelishment

Colour Available: 3 x Gold/Black - star - SOLD OUT!!

Price: RM18/ £9 / USD 12 (including shipment)

Mac K-20 (Modern Chic V neck Knitted Blouse)

Material: Knitted Cotton

Best Fit: Medium-Large (UK8-10)

Length: 65cm, Sleeves: 62cm, Chest: 100cm

Colour Available: 1 x Coffee Brown - 1 Final Piece Left!!
Price: RM48
(including shipment)

Mac K-21 (Funky Satin Front Layer Cotton Top)

Material: Cotton and Satin

Best Fit: Small - Medium (UK8-10)

Length: 72cm, Sleeves:53cm, Chest: 80-110cm, Waist: 76-96cm

Colour Available: 1 x Black/White

Price: RM48
(including shipment)