Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chanel-Paris Dallas Metiers D'art Bag

The 2013/2014 Paris-Dallas Chanel collection contains some of the most unique Chanel handbags. We totally adore the cowboy flair, with a touch of rustic to very masculine bags and the whimsy and spunk design that will truly brings the playfulness of Chanel enthusiast.
Chanel 2014
mmm Chanel lambskin smells divine Winking smile

Some may find the Paris-Dallas collection is a bit too rodeo-y, but we believe, Chanel always produces timeless and classic style that you will at least appreciate for its conservative spirit. Thank you to our lovely client for trusting us to get this beautiful Chanel lambskin navy blue camera bag from the Paris-Dallas collection.





Dimension: 6.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 inch with gold hardware

Special cloth to polish the bag and elaborate guide/recommendations to handle the material of the bag


Many raised us a question, is it worth buying Chanel bag as an investment? Designer handbags (also the same goes to watches or jewellery), are particularly subjective when compared to other investment opportunities. Handbags are a little more important than other "investment pieces" (like shoes) and thus require even more careful consideration. Unless you can afford to buy a new ‘it bag’ every season, you want one that will withstand the passing of trends and continue to look amazing for years to come.

We also think it's important that you really (yes, really) love it and aren't just buying it for status or because it's on the most coveted list bags of the year. Remember, just because it's marked down doesn't necessarily mean it's the bag for you. We know from a classic example, buying a Chanel caviar flap bag with gold hardware will cost you more than $4000 (treating it like your little princess, nurture with love and care). Then the next three years later your little princess valued at a retail price of $6500. That’s a difference of $2,500.
Prices have been rising for 100% in 3 years, that’s 30% profit each year. And Chanel is going to raise again for 20% next year. If this continues, how much would your Chanel bag be worth.

P/S: "Don't buy a bag that's on sale unless it's the one you really want. If you're going to spend a lot of money regardless, pay full price for something you'll love for a long time. I know from experience."

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