Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food Fest or Promo?

The one little thing that I miss a lot in this foreign land is the local authentic Malaysian food. yum! I would blame my cooking manifesto on my adventurous eating and take every opportunity to whip up any spicy food. My personality dictates that I should be an apron wearing, dough kneading foodie, nope it doesn't match at all. I think my other half will definitely say 'Yes dear, you are born to shop not to cook!".

Food Fest behind jurassic mammoth?? Bizarre!

As much as I want to impersonate to be a domestic goddess, I will give the cooking task to this amazing person that leads me into this food fest (thank you dear!) and I can get back to doing "important stuff" (like blogging) love

We had a congregation of Malaysian indulging delicious and mouth-watering food, it's the place for Diva Darling to mingle and promote its flagship to the Aberdonian. I have to admit, I was definitely distracted by the realm of mouth-watering flavours that mesmerized my taste buds. What random food do you consider a treat and wish you could have more often? My answer is "Rendang Ayam"!!

Simply irresistible!!

No wonder the booth is full!

All in all, this food fest is a great way to meet people, getting to know our customers better and sharing our experiences living away from home.

Stay tune in my next venture - The Fashion Show!

Diva Darling Boutique