Friday, May 28, 2010

My Crowning Glory

We are delighted to collaborate with an accessories designer this month and I was amazed at how uniquely beautiful the products were. We will be featuring wide selection of imported versatile hair accessories, jewelleries and other beautiful bridal accessories.

We have chosen gorgeous hair accesories to share with you and honestly, when I browsed through the designer collection, my heart leaps with joy and I might even start to have my own wardrobe collection. I fell in love with the design and how versatile it can be used to different kind of occasions.

Yes, even if we can't afford a whole new wardrobe, we can at least treat ourselves to some great hair accesories to update our look. How about a pair of rhinestone-studded hair accessories that work just as well with jeans as with a dress?

You can find lots of hair accessories in small boutiques, vintage shops and other blog shops - the trick is to know which one to buy and which one to avoid! Always look for pieces that have visual interest (as always), but also make sure they are sturdy.

Check out for more designs! Get your hair in the game with these delicate accents.

P/S: Items to be pre-ordered (delivery will take 2-3 weeks)love
We are moving into a new SOHO in Miri, bear with us if there is any delay ya!

Diva Darling Boutique

June -01:: love Shiny Shadow

Type: Combination of Hairpin and Hairband
Colour: Black Cubic & Pearl

Price: RM48 (including shipment)

June -02:: love Champagne Bubbles

Type: Hairband with Rhinestones
Colour: Black

Price: RM38 (including shipment)

June -03:: love Celebration Dinner

Type: Satin Hairpin with Sequins
Colour: Pink, Mint, Navy, Black, Green, Beige

Price: RM36 (including shipment)

June -04:: love Audrey Hepburn

Type: Hairpin with Hairband
Colour: Pearl White/Black Band

Price: RM49 (including shipment)

June -05:: love Laceholic

Type: Lace Applique with Satin Fabric
Colour: Pink, Green, Ivory, Black

Price: RM48 (including shipment)

June -06:: love Peacock

Type: Peacock feather & beads
Colour: Brown and Purple

Price: RM33 (including shipment)

June -07:: love Lauren

Type: Satin, Beads & Rhinestone
Colour: Black and Beige

Price: RM39 (including shipment)

June -08:: love Heather

Type: Combination of hairpin & hairband
Colour: Black

Price: RM47 (including shipment)

June -09:: love Secret Garden

Type: Hairpin or Hair Pony-tail band
Colour: Floral

Price: RM20 (Hair Pony-tail band)
Price: RM26 (Hair Pin)

June -10:: love Spring Haze

Type: Hairband with Braided Twist
Colour: Beige

Price: RM48 (including shipment)