Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tartan Dress and Birkin Handbag

I know my choice of title is quite indulgent, but it's pretty much sums up how I feel about this week entry on one of our favourite Diva. As a token of our appreciation, we are featuring her with our pick of the month - the Birkin handbag.

I just want to mention how wonderfully tailored and flattering her Tartan dress is (yes, I'm being patriotic now - living in the Granite City) and do you know that the pattern of the dress symbolises different group of clan in Scotland?

I'm tempted to gush over this divine dress and Birkin handbag, but I feel the images speak for themselves. She would like to share her closeness to her Birkin to all Diva Darling readers. Passing the stage to you dear!

"The red birkin made me feel happy to carry, although nothing inside it, it's not because the bag is roomy or practical, but something about its colour and feel made it really enjoyable to bring, anywhere love ."

I think life is an adventure, and a good handbag should carry whatever you need and wherever your adventures take you. Your handbag is your perfect companion; the one you want by your side everyday, whether you're picking out fruits at the local market or boarding a plane to Budapest, they are always with you! (shhh..we shall keep this to ourselves, you don't want your handbag to be nicked by your husband, fiance or your partner while you are away!) "with my smiley face now". wink!

Diva Darling Boutiquexoxo