Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Yes, we have another giveaway this month. Valentine's day would be a sweet excuse to give something away. What could be a better present for your valentine than this Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume Gift Set?

We chose this gift set as it is 'Feminine', 'Chic' and it has a 'Touch of Fantasy'. Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of precious oil and the sophistication of a fine parfum. This timeless silky white amber fragrance is inspired by Sarah Jessica's love of layering scents.

SJP and SATC fan out there, we love her look, style and smile!

To enter, just leave your comments here with your favourite style in Diva Darling Boutique or be a Diva Darling followers & fans. Leave your email address in your comment, in order for us to contact you. That simple!

One lucky winner will get a gift set that includes 3.3 Eau de Parfum Spray and a 2.5 oz Soft Body Lotion.

Give away ends at noon, 12pm GMT, Tuesday 9 Feb 2010. Don't miss it!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feb K-Runway Part 2

I had so much fun putting together this 2nd Feb K-Runway and not to mention cramped up my time to complete the whole March collection. I will be away for few weeks to Rio de Janeiro and back to my sunny hometown. Yes, holiday bugs are all over me!

While many parts of the country are experiencing the lowest temperatures in decades, it is already time to look ahead towards Spring fashion. What does Spring fashion hold for us? What trends will linger, and what new trends will surface? Keep reading below to explore in more depth with example of my favourite K-Runway finds.

I have combined a touch of modern and contemporary designs suitable for all types of weather, requested by few of Diva Darling's satisfied customers. I LOVE this collection, everything from the detailing, closures even the fabrics are high quality. My favourite pieces are icy pink silk cotton dress with belt and the formal black fiber jacket.

Ok, minhas Senhoras (in Portuguese for "My Ladies"), indulge our favourite collection this month!

Lots of love ,
Diva Darling Boutique

Feb K-13 (Contemporary Top with Shining Plates)

Let this contemporary top see the light of day by pairing it with a skirt and skinny belt. For a fun flirty look, opt for ballet flats or trendy accessories.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)

Bust Width: 80cm
Shoulder: 39cm; Sleeve Width: 20cm

Sleeve Length: 55cm, Blouse Length: 56cm

Colour Available: 2 x Coffee Brown -SOLD OUT star

Price: RM42 / £15 / USD 13 (including shipment)

Feb K-14 (Silky Bow Pleats Party Dress)

Every girl needs LBD in their wardrobe, which can be worn time and time again.
The dress remains a timeless masterpiece, if we ensure the frock hasn't got any excess beading, rhinestones, appliques, or embroidery which could make it look 'ancient'. The length of the dress isn't too short or the neckline too revealing.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Silky Satin

Bust: 72-85cm and Hip: 86cm
Dress Length: 67cm (excl. strap), Elastic at the back with zipper

Colour Available: 2 x Black
Price: RM47 / £18 / USD 16 (including shipment)

Feb K-15 (Pleat Front Elegant Must-Have Top )

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton (stretchable)

Bust: 84cm and Sleeve Length: 59cm

Shoulder to Bottom Hem: 56cm

Colour Available: 1 x Black and 1 x Purple - BOTH SOLD OUT star
Price: RM46 / £15 / USD 16 (including shipment)

Feb K-16 (Chiffon Cotton Dress with Belt)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Chiffon + Cotton

Bust: 80-84cm and Dress Length: 84cm
Colour Available: 2 x Black/Grey - SOLD OUT!
Price: RM54 / £17 / USD18 (including shipment)

Feb K-17 (Stylish Necklace Long Sleeve Top)

Statement Jewelry is an easy way to “style-up” an outfit any day of the week, whether a holiday party, girls night, date night, work, or even an afternoon errand-run. The brilliance is in how simple this bold accessory adds style and edge to this outfit.

This timeless trend is here to stay! Add it to your repertoire. Make it your own!

And now for the inspiration….I focused on more wearable pieces for everyday edgy style. The contrast creates unexpected glamour.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton (Stretchable)

Length: 76cm and Waist: 86cm
Hip: 84cm
Colour Available: 1 x Coffee Brown - SOLD OUT star

Price: RM42/ £15 / USD16 (including shipment)

Feb K-18 (Ice Silk Cotton Pink Dress with Belt)
Simply Sweet - your closet will be craving for this dress.

Short sleeves, lace on shoulders gathering at neckline and
adorable pink belt to show the silhouette of your figure.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Silk Cotton

Bust: 84-88cm and Dress Length: 84cm
Colour Available: 1 x Soft pink - SOLD star - 2 PIECES LEFT!!

Price: RM45/ £17 / USD16 (including shipment)

Feb K-19 (Black Silk Cotton Fiber Jacket)
Finding the perfect piece of outerwear for cool spring days and breezy summer night is often a source of great frustration (for us, anyway). While it's fine to choose a classic option, like a trench or cardigan, our favourite solution is the 'Jacket' or 'Blazer'.

Don't shelve all of your summer dresses and t-shirts. Make use of this eye catching jacket, short enough to flatter a dress and chic enough to dress up a T-shirt and jeans.

Size: Best Fit Medium-Large (UK8-10)
Fabric: Silk Cotton

Bust: 80-84cm and Sleeve Length: 45cm
Colour Available: 1 x Black

Price: RM52/ £17 / USD20 (including shipment)

Feb K-20 (Contemporary Flower Print Tunic)

I just fell in love with this Floral Tunic. While I do like this tunic, most especially because of the bold floral print and how it is constructed as a loose tunic which you can cinched in the waist with a belt. Right now leather skinny belts and gladiator heels would look nice with it.

Hmm...I would wear black tights underneath, then finish it off with a black pair of booties. How does that sound? Pretty good, don't you think? This floral tunic is good for Summer or Fall, just by changing the footwear.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton

Bust: 84-88cm and Sleeve Length: 86cm
Colour Available: 2 x Black (without belt) -SOLD OUT star

Price: RM48/ £17 / USD16 (including shipment)

Feb K-21 (Flower Corsage Silky Cotton Dress)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton

Bust: 80-84cm and Dress Length: 79cm
Colour Available: 1 x Black and 1 x Red (without belt) - BOTH SOLD OUT star

Price: RM48/
£16 / USD15 (including shipment)

Feb K-22 (Floral Cashmere 2-piece Dress)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton, Knitted Velvet

Bust: 80-84cm and Dress Length: 89cm
Sleeve Length: 61cm
Colour Available: 1 x Purple and 1 x Coffee Brown - BOTH SOLD OUT star

Price: RM46/ £16 / USD17 (including shipment)

Feb K-23 (Formal 2- piece Stylish Blouse)
Who says you can't look professional and feminine at work?
This lovely blouse is sure to soften your work wardrobe.

Size: Best Fit Medium -Large (UK10-12)
Fabric: Cotton, Lycra

Bust: 90-96cm and Sleeve Length: 60cm
Length Shoulder to Bottom Hem: 58cm

Colour Available: 1 x Brown - SOLD OUT star and 1 x Black

Price: RM52/ £18 / USD17 (including shipment)

Feb K-24 (Beads Embelishment Top)

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton (without belt)

Bust: 88-100cm and Length: 54cm

Colour Available: 1 x Blue - SOLD star and 1 x Black

Price: RM52/ £18 / USD17 (including shipment)

Feb K-25 (Vintage Beauty Cocktail Dress)
We love the form-fitting Dolce & Gabbana inspired dress silhouette and its classic sentiment. This is something that could hand in your closet for years.

Absolutely beautiful - a classic twist to the little black dress. Pair it with vivacious heels and a contemporary clutch for an evening night out. Another great example of taking inspiration from the designer look and finding a smart & savvy alternative.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton Flanelet & Lace (with belt)

Bust: 88cm, Sleeve length: 15cm
Waist: 86cm, Dress Length: 86cm
*Buttons at the Back

Colour Available: 1 x Black - SOLD star - 2 more pieces left!!

Price: RM48/ £17 / USD16 (including shipment)

Feb K-26 (Summer Corsage Cardi & Skirt with Belt)
Whimsical and flirty - Shakespeare would declare this the perfect combi for summer love.

Comfy cotton cardi with summer corsage and smocked elastic belt.

Size: Best Fit Small-Medium (UK8-10)
Fabric: Cotton (with Corsage)

Bust: 84-88cm, Sleeve Length: 35cm
Overall Length: 92cm

Colour Available: 1 x White/Turquiose - SOLD OUT!
Price: RM50/ £18 / USD17 (including shipment)