Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink princess


Photo courtesy of Murakami photography

Within the past few years, it has become more and more acceptable to go with coloured wedding dresses. One popular colour is PINK! Pink wedding dresses have become quite fashionable, since the colour is both feminine and romantic. In fact, some are even calling pink the “new white” for the year. Of course there are some things to keep in mind if you decide you want to follow the trend and have a pink wedding dress of your own for your big day.

Loving the beautiful embroidery

The pink wedding dress, full length with satin embellished drapes

If you decide to go with one of our beautiful pink wedding dress, you may be wondering what other colours are going to blend well with this colour of a dress. Neutral colours always work well, such as champagne, ivory, silver, white, and black. These colours look good with any shade of pink. You don’t have to stick with neutrals though. There are other wonderful colours that look amazing with pink, such as chocolate, turquoise, sage green, and lavender.



For the most part, pink wedding dresses come in styles that are very romantic and feminine. Diva Darling brings an equally stunning dusky pink with high neck collar and rich pearl sequins embellishment. Oo what a lovely white lace appliques and flowy tulle drape. The beautiful embroidery detailing creates an opulent and luxurious princess look. It’s perfect for your solemnisation ceremony and definitely your important wedding day.

Measurement details:

Bust – 86cm

Waist – 80cm

Upper Chest-84cm

Arm circumference –29cm

Arm hole –42cm

Shoulder –32cm

Arm length –59cm

Shoulder to elbow –36cm

Shoulder to floor length –142cm

**Best fit: Size M-L (UK10-UK12)

Ok folks, those who are interested to view, or purchase this lovely wedding dress, feel free to send us email Serious buyers only!

Have a fab weekend, hugs xx

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

En Vogue Karen Millen


The attention to detail is striking in Karen Millen’s autumn/winter 2010 collection. Her designs provide a link between high-street and designer, the quality of the pieces creates a sense of opulence for the wearer, yet the price tag is sophisticated without being wildly expensive. This is the secret of her success and this season she certainly does not disappoint.

Accessories are taking centre stage in many designer collections this season and Karen Millen’s is no exception. Famously known for her evening wear the focus of the winter 2010 collection is very much on the accessories, indeed they are the first items available for purchase.

Long Beaded Dress

Beaded Long Dress

karen millen beaded dressback

Featuring a multi bead and sequin embellished design, with a layered chiffon skirt and bustier styling.

The handbags in the collection are edgy and playful, in the season dedicated to classic utility and pared-back luxury they add a contemporary twist to vintage looks. The inclusion of zips, studs and faux fur on oversized designs with unusual handles is ultra-modern and the perfect companion for girls inspired by designers such as Balmain. There are several different designs: the uncompromising soft studded bag, which glitters with hundreds of studs, the detail is completely luxurious; the compact strappy zip edge clutch, the perfect bag to balance out an evening dress that is light-weight, feminine, and floating; and the stunning studded suede satchel, in a beautiful shade of autumn brown it is the perfect bag for your elegant day-wear.

Karen-Millen-Lace-759435Soft studed bag

Karen Millen lace handbag and soft studded bag

Strappy edge bag

Strappy Zip Edge Clutch

trendy shoesvfn_rhimg

karen millen-asosleather snake bow tote bag

Right picture: Leather Python Bow tote bag

Elsewhere in the collection, special mention simply has to go to the stretch suede over the knee boots, they come in black or (even better) soft mink grey- there are several designs like this in black this season and if you really want to be stand out go for the grey shade- the tone is gorgeous and softens the style of the boots- perfect for day or night!

Suede stretched boots

Stretch suede over the knee boots

If you’ve got an important function in the run up to Christmas Karen Millen also has a fabulous collection of winter evening wear that is stylish and attention-grabbing. The collection focuses on the minimalist trend of this season with many of the designs utilising block colour, mostly black or white.

halter neck (back)Halter neck with lace skirt

Karen Millen Halter Neck Lace Dress

The beaded long dress in black is my favourite piece. The beading creates a sculpted look and the dress retains its femininity despite its edgy cut and shade. Wear with some gorgeous silver or white gold jewellery and the glitziest silver clutch on the high street to look fabulous at the work winter ball this Christmas.

image1xxlRuffle prom dress

The Ruffle Prom Dress

eva in karen millen

Eva Longoria Parker looked stunning in the Karen Millen One Shoulder Pencil Dress at a party in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for something shorter, the Ruffle Prom Dress is the perfect option. Available in seasonal cream, compliment the wintry tone with some sequined heels and a beautiful handbag. The dress is highly structured with a fitted corset top balanced out by lots of gorgeous ruffles on the skirt. Don’t forget to add a faux fur wrap for the ultimate look of Christmas 2010.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Musical box –Timeless Pieces Story


How much do you know about musical box? I vaguely remember the shape and the song of my first musical box – I’m intrigued to know how it works now (yes, I should have the knowledge at this age) and where it comes from. Let’s mosey along to some history behind the musical box before we go to the real story.

In 19th century, a musical box is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc so as to pluck the tuned teeth of a steel comb. At the beginning of the 20th, most musical boxes were gradually replaced by player piano, which were louder and more versatile and melodious, when kept tuned, and by the smaller gramophones which had the advantage of playing back voices. (mmm, hope this doesn’t bore you folks). Move on to our Timeless Pieces story this week, her musical box greets you as you read through it.


“I thought my wedding shoes would be my best timeless piece story until I found this small enchanting mechanical item. It reminds me of my family vacation trip to New Zealand around 5 years ago. I bought this musical instrument in a small town in the north island which I have forgotten the name. During my childhood, I’d always dream to have a music box which a ballerina swirling every time I open the box. I know, most of the young girls have the same dream maybe. But this piece is really special to me. It does not come with the beautiful wooden box, even not with the ballerina. It is on its own, the heart of the musical box! It is like a mini piano to me.

Common musical box equipped with a spring that function as a stopper for the gear to spin every time we close the box. This timeless piece of mine has no spring at all. It is solely meant for winding the gear by yourself, following your own speed, your own mood. I tend to wind it up faster when I am in happy mood, and slower if I am sad. The melody seems to fit in the mood perfectly, the Memory melody.”

We love to receive and read your stories, feel free to send us and win yourself a designer handbag. Your stories help bring to life the real-world value to everyone reading our site. It’s not so much about what you say in the case of style…it’s more about HOW you say it. Be yourself and let things flow. Let your personality and your sense of humour shine through. Have a nice week! Hugs. xoxo

Diva Darling Boutique

Sunday, October 24, 2010

ERDEM and me


When asked to write an article about Young British Designers I immediately thought of Erdem- a current favourite of mine- and it was only in doing research that I realised my favourite young British designer was in fact…Canadian.

So breaking all the rules I decided to write about him and his beautiful collections instead because he symbolises a new generation of fashion and style.

cloudy grey lace dressErdem dressErdem -gold dress

1. Cloudy grey lace dress

2. Arresting colours and design in Erdem’s collection

3. Gold print dress by Erdem

What, you are probably wondering, could have made me think he was British? I feel I can justify myself here because he studied for a Masters at the Royal College of Art in London and worked on an internship with Vivienne Westwood, the epitome of UK design herself, which proves he certainly has British fashion credentials.


In an interview for London Fashion Week he described the girl wearing Erdem as a “clever person who probably cares little about seasons. She…marches to her own drum.” It is this which makes Erdem’s designs so powerfully creative as he chooses colours, fabrics, styles and motifs which stretch across the realm of fashion into genuine art. His designs are at once the most forward-thinking modern pieces you are likely to find but also the most classic and vintage-inspired. As a designer he is at once of-the-moment and timeless. And that is very exciting.

Erdem Mona skirtErdem maxi

Mona patchwork skirt and flowing silk maxi dress

In the autumn/winter 2010 collection look out for the Mona patchwork skirt, all of the flowing silk maxi dresses in the most fabulous deep almost earthy colours and the gold and autumnal ‘falling leaves’ patterned mini-dress. Erdem Moralioglu makes insanely beautiful dresses – fact, and his Autumn/Winter 2010 was no exception. This cloudy grey lace dress with dramatic high neck was pure Erdem magic.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Sweetness

Christmas, parties and wedding events - don't let them sneak up on you, equip your closet with holiday party essentials. Choosing the ideal evening dress can be quite complicated considering the type of occasion and availability of the dress you want.

karen millen1

My favourite Karen Millen dress collection

The basic criteria here is to choose a dress that will keep you comfortable till the end of the party. Evening dresses are my soft spots and I've been known to have several unworn dresses lined up waiting for the right event to wear them to. They are the essence of elegance, taking you one notch above.


One of my favourite for this season has to be the one shouldered dress from Karen Millen. I love the details, it's chic yet fun with added frill providing twist to a classic style. I might just have to stash this one away for the next big event...

Diva Darling Boutique

love :: Fairy :: love




This dress is created in luxurious silk with extra detailing within the seam to create one of the most beautiful signature dress. Flower sequins embellishment are stitched until they fan out on the shoulder that truly projects a flattering silhouette.

Temporary out of stock!

love ::Epitome :: love



6 (1)

This is the perfect alternative to everyone's favourite, it's timeless. The simple silhouette and subtle gold with bold purple that draws attention to the pleats and flower appliqué on the shoulder of the dress, which for most women, is a great area of the body to emphasize.

Temporary out of stock!

love :: Lily :: love




We have taken this wonderfully sensuous fabric and made it by adding a touch of soft pink and white sparkle statement. This is definitely my pick of the season's occasion wear dress for its classic appeal which would last in any wardrobe for many years!

Temporary out of stock!

love :: Rouge :: love




This is fabulously flamboyant dress and it echoes couture style with fitted body. It is embellished with rich sequins which is ultra classy and made from rich satin. Perfect for black tie occasion and red carpet dress.

Temporary out of stock!

love :: Chica :: love



The drapes itself from the bust, giving a Grecian edge to this dress and the crossover design at the bust provides structure and support. Fit for any semi-formal occasion and it's fashionista must-have!

Temporary out of stock!

love :: Karina :: love




This elegant long dress designed with beaded detail under the bust down to the waist. It is a full strapless dress with sweetheart neckline to make this dress even more feminine and lovely.

Temporary out of stock!

love :: Madison :: love




The two-tone look of this dress is simple but stylish, and sets you on course for a glam evening out. This one shoulder dress has a floral corsage lashings of luxurious detail and lends a sleek contrast shows off your shoulder and your back.

Temporary out of stock!