Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Fine Day with LV

It's definitely a one fine day for me today when I received unexpected parcel in the office. There was a package - super massive box waiting for me at the reception early in the morning. Trust me, bad weather, torrential rain or even tornado will not make my system running at 7.30am, but this one heck ya! It's a big, familiar dark mahogany brown with the big letter of L-O-U-I-S V-U-I-T-T-O-N.

The massive box yet luxurious! Let's open it now.

Wait for it..

ahhh...beautiful craftmanship

Woo I was ecstatically awaken by my own excitement. It's the Louis Vuitton Palermo PM!! The soft and feminine pleats make the Palermo in fetching Monogram a must-have for sophisticated woman. This Louis Vuitton Palermo PM is covered in its entirety with the classic prints. Bold yet handy, expresses the style of the artist comes in soft, patchwork leather and features ample space in the compartments. I absolutely love the buckles on the Palermo, and the pleats.

Beauty awakens the soul - Craig David

Big compartment

This gorgeous Palermo PM is for our Bruneian Diva, you will soon meet her! It's truly a one fine day for me at work and I'm going to indulge the beauty of it for my birthday tomorrow. yay!

There’s just something about LV that never loses its class. This bag last a lifetime.

Hugs xx

Diva Darling Boutique

Friday, September 24, 2010

Designer world of mine

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There is a designer handbag for every milestone in a woman’s life. From the flamboyant, fun brands like Louis Vuitton and Guess to the truly grown-up and sophisticated Hermes and Celine there are such a wide variety of styles on offer and hundreds of designer brands to compliment your every mood it can be almost impossible to choose. So let me tell you a secret- if there’s a young lady in your life about to turn 21 (as I did earlier this year) or 22, 23, or 24 for that matter, there is only one choice.

Ferragamo grey calf leather napa shoulder bag

Ferragamo grey calf leather back view

The Mulberry Bonnie is the designer bag which offers mature sensibility alongside campus chic making it the perfect choice for the girl graduating to womanhood. Made from gorgeous leather, it’s all clean lines and simple shapes. It is also fabulously practical because it can be worn across the body. It comes in black, chocolate or oak- but for this season it has to oak, it will go beautifully with your camel trench coat!

Prada Tan Leather Frame Tote bag

Prada Tan Leather Frame Tote bag - back view

Red Lambskin Dior 'Demi Lune' Peep Toe Shoe

Choosing a pair of winter boots is never easy, especially if this winter is as extreme as the last. There is fabulous style and then there is a broken ankle- you really don’t want to do yourself (or your shoes) an injury when the weather gets less hospitable. Thankfully the return of the flat- it is now acceptable to wear flats at almost every occasion, thank goodness- means that you need not step out of your front door this winter in a pair of practical yet hideous boots.

BCBGMaxazria Black Leather 'Myra' Rosette heels

It is best therefore to invest in a pair of designer wellies- so many designers have wellington boots in their collections this year- with Hunter being an obvious choice. For a more dressed-up look go for a pair of beautiful leather or suede knee-high and sometimes even thigh-high flats. Ever best designer shoes, Chloe have a beautiful pair of knee-high cut out leather flat boots- in my favourite shade of the season- yes it is camel again!

Marchesa gold strapless and black silk dress

If you have lots of parties and events planned for this season there is a wealth of cocktail and party designer dresses to choose from. For the rock-chick who likes to make a statement Balmain (who else!?) is the go-to brand for edgy designs, the eighties-inspired chain-embellished number is a great option for a night out. Worn with a pair of chunky sky-high heels, a popular style this autumn/winter, the look demands confidence but is guaranteed to get attention.

For the more whimsical girl Erden's Silvia silk-chiffon dress is certainly a talking point on an evening out. This simply-cut dress in a delicate shade of grey is incredibly elegant and the swallow motif across it creates a lightness and movement in the design. It is romantic and demure- just the thing for an autumnal date with a suitably handsome man!

Whether you’re one or the other or somewhere in-between there is a dress for every girl in the collections this season.

Diva Darling Boutique

Review of the Longchamp Le Pliage: The bugs special

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving good reviews from our customers and we would like to thank all our divas who have shopped with us, especially to those of you who have sent us the reviews.

Let's check out from one of our Diva and her lovely Longchamp Le Pliage - Badge Insects Limited Edition handbag. Thanks again dear, it has been a great experience to shop for your Longchamp bag!

"Berposing bersama Longchamp's LePliage Badge Insects ku yang mempunyai pelbagai serangga. Aku beli kat Diva Darling. Aku suka banget dengan beg ni sebab bole muat kertas A3 size. Tu memang ciri-ciri beg yang aku beli. Suka! Suka! Suka! Bole bawak pergi shopping dengan mengisi segala mak nenek dalam tu dan tak payah kita amik beg kertas dari kedai. Save the earth, please. Kalau bawak pergi kerja pun bole, especially macam aku yang pergi ke site, senang bawak drawing tau. Tu tak kira bole bawak baju+pampers+susu Aqid lagi. Moralnya, beg ini memang multipurpose. I luv it so much! Thanks, Carol".

We really appreciate your kind thoughts! If you have any queries, please drop us an email to


Dusk Till Dawn: Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are essential for women just like cigarettes for men. (not that I smoke!) When you go to parties, friends' wedding or go to a formal concert, you certainly need evening dress. The most prominent attribute of an evening dress is that it should suit the formality of occasion that you are going to attend.

Go to a formal concert or the opera house; wear a silk type evening dress instead of cotton. In consideration of the artistic atmosphere, there another reason for wearing silk evening dress. According to a research, silk can reflect the music more (i learn something new here). Never be afraid to be experimental or stylish with your approach on evening dresses. You have plenty of options to decide from and it is only when you do this, you get to appreciate your body type and be more confident to become trendy.

Christian Cote Evening Dress Collection

You can also wear some accessories for a more flattering looks. Dresses will look impressive and lovely when decorates with the right accessories. The right pair of shoes, for instance will improve your overall look with the evening dress. However, you need to select the right colour and fabric to match the dress also wear a matching bracelet, necklace and earrings. You will look great!

Diva Darling has a stunning new collection of evening wear, perfect for all sorts of black tie functions. The flowing designs are feminine and lightweight, both comfortable and stylish, exactly what every girl needs to look and feel fabulous on an important day. If you require more information, please email us at or fill in the inquiry form and we will get back to you soonest possible.

Have a nice weekend! Hugss xx

Diva Darling Boutique

Eve-D1:: love Grecian Sparkle

This one-shouldered, Grecian-style dress in milkiest white is both classic and modern. The asymmetry of the design draws attention to narrow shoulders and the empire line highlights the slimmest part of the body. This style suits practically every shape and would look fabulous with a tan and a pair of gladiator sandals.

Material: Silk

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D2:: love Glorious Turquoise

This dress in a glorious peacock turquoise shade with a beautiful necklace-style appliqué halter-neck is perfect for both the slim and curvaceous. The slim fit of the dress and its small train make this an obvious choice for a summer wedding or ball. Worn with a pair of delicate heels and sophisticated clutch bag this is a look guaranteed to get you noticed.

Material: Silk with intricate appliqué

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D3:: love Sweet Scent

In a delicate shade of palest pink with a diamante detailing this is a dress fit for a princess. The concertina-style feature highlights the quality of the fabric and creates an elegant silhouette. This dress suits petite figures and would look spectacular with a pair of silver heels and lots of sparkling jewellery.

Material: Silk with pleats detailing

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D4:: love Swan Lake

With spaghetti straps and a fitted bodice, this dress, in the fairest of coffee shades, is perfect for girls of every shape. The draped quality of the material makes the dress seem incredibly fluid and light. It’s an incredibly romantic look; it conjures images of Swan Lake, perfect for gliding gracefully into a function.

Material: Silk

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D5:: love Ivory Freedom

This gorgeous halter-neck gown in ivory is perfect for the bride looking for something simple and easy-to-wear, perhaps for a wedding abroad. The silken quality of the fabric frames the figure creating structure whilst also giving a sense of freedom. This dress is formal without being uncomfortable or over-the-top.

Material: Silk and Chiffon

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D6:: love Dusky Floral

In shades of dusky pink, this dress with a fabulously distinctive floral design at the neckline is the ultimate in statement-wear. Best suited to the taller girl, this style balance flamboyance with simplistic elegance, its silhouette is slim and uncomplicated. The unusual colour and style of this look is certain to make you the most stylish girl at the party!

Material: Silk and Chiffon

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D6:: love Black Lace Turquoise

This sultry dress, in a colour somewhere between teal and turquoise, is a classic shape- perfect for the girl inspired by vintage styles. The sheer black lace on the back of the design is delicate and feminine without being showy. Best suited to curvy girls with hour-glass figures, this gown is complete elegance.

Material: Silk and Lace

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!

Eve-D7:: love East and West

This matte turquoise gown, with a far-eastern inspired motif on the halter-neck, is simple sophistication at its best. It has universal appeal, as it suits every shape, and the design is versatile, it can be worn to all sorts of functions and will never go out of fashion. A fabulous investment piece.

Material: Silk

Size available: S to XXL (UK6 to UK14)

Temporary out of stock!