Monday, May 10, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye!

It literally took me an hour to find the right title for this one. I guess less formal probably the right start to break the ice here. Ok folks, today's entry is dedicated to my very good friend who has this brand new gorgeous piece of elegant wedding dress for SALE love.

It's not going to be lavishly photographed like other couture wedding dresses but I can assure it is more than you see from the photos. The intricate details and simple style of this wedding dress would draw the inspiration from dresses worn by Jackie O and brings to mind the style and class of Audrey Hepburn. With classic simplistic designs and clean lines, less is sometimes more when trying to look amazing.

More structured body line, elaborate fabrics and long train

This type of wedding dress can also be subtly influenced by other styles and eras keeping in tune with the bride's personal taste. The key here is to keep it subtle and you will ooze the class and style on the big day.

The silhouette of the dress, love that button details!

Best Fit: Size M-L (UK10-UK12) -*detail measurement upon request love

Believe it or not, many people frown at the word 'cheap' because the moment they hear the word, they tend to think 'inferior quality'. Cheap wedding dresses are dresses that come at a lower cost. While one can obviously go ahead and buy an expensive wedding dress that has a label attached to it, others tend to manage their wedding cost by buying not so expensive stuff and limit their purchase to the lesser costly ones.

Would you really want to spend on some of those goddess gowns that could pay for a mere mortal's entire wedding reception? Although a part of us would love to traipse around in Vera Wang, we know perfectly well that a down payment on a house will make you even happier ---so save your money!

Ok, dear readers, for those who are interested to view, or purchase this lovely wedding dress, you can email to us and we will give you the details i.e price, material, size, etc.

-A simple wedding gown should be designed to draw attention from the dress itself and allow the beauty of the bride shine through-

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