Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craving for Prada Saffiano Lux Tote


September has been an exciting month for us – good holiday, surprises and booked with so many Personal Shopper jobs. Today’s craving has to be our recent purchase, the Prada Saffiano Lux tote for our special clients from Brunei, a mother and daughter. Thanks dear!

Prada SaffianoInside Prada

Prada Saffiano Lux tote will carry all of your daily essentials from the office to a day out on the town.


Exquisite new packaging from Prada and new Fall catalogue inside gold embossed envelope.


Tadaa! I’m out now Winking smile


The Saffiano Lux tote was covered with soft felt as part of the original packaging.


Prada is known for their Saffiano leather (BN1801 NZV F0002) – the scratch-resistant and water-resistant leather.

I love when Prada sticks to what it is good at: clean lines, great leather and fabulous colour. This classic black Saffiano Lux tote is definitely a must-have plus it’s a good investment! The size, colour, shape, gold hardware, the length of the straps, even the extra leather at the end of the strap looks beautifully well calculated. It’s something we can carry everyday. A perfect partner to the office with our powerful suit, a nice companion to be paired with dress and a smart choice to polish up any casual outfits. Don’t you agree, ladies?


I love how the hardware runs from the handles onto the top of the bag.


It has been one of the popular bag in Saffiano range and it is designed to be hand held, if you are petite and under 5′ 5″ you will be able to sling it on your shoulder quite easily.


Snap closure on sides to make room for your essentials.


Double rolled leather handles with adjustable leather strap with 21" drop


Dimension: L30 x H20 x D13 cm, 3 pockets: 2 zipper pockets & 1 middle compartment

Prada is known for their Saffiano leather – the scratch-resistant and water-resistant leather. It’s more durable as compared to the exquisite buttery-soft leather like Nappa/lambskin leather. It has been one of the popular bag in Saffiano range and this bag is designed to be hand held but if you are petite and under 5′ 5″ you will be able to sling it on your shoulder quite easily.


Saffiano leather triangle logo with metal lettering


The Prada Saffiano Lux tote comes with authenticity card, dust bag and copy of receipt.


Additional feature includes detachable shoulder strap

The tonal top stitching adds a hint of texture but it is the golden hardware that absolutely has me captivated. I love how the hardware runs from the handles onto the top of the bag, so precise. What I like about the Saffiano Lux tote, the hardware isn’t too chunky nor is it too flimsy. More than anything, the bag is classic, it is timeless and elegant. Everything about it, is LUXURIOUS. Pick your colours, ladies!

Enjoy and hugsss xx


Monday, September 26, 2011

Our favourite Issa & Zac Posen


It's time for me to recap some of my favourite designers – Daniella Issa Helayel (Issa London) Brazillian-born and Zac Posen, young and hip native New Yorker. We're putting together some fun, trendy and glamorous pieces from both designers that we can help you to deliver.

We swooned at the sight of all the creative pieces of Issa and Zac Posen, they are different and amazing in their own right, but they do have something in common. Posen and Issa has an innate talent for accentuating the curves of a woman's body with their stylish dresses.

Fitted floaty dress3Fitted floaty dress2

Issa floaty red dress – contact us to get this dress


Zac Posen Spring 2012 collection Credit:


From Kate Middleton to Madonna, the A-list are loving the London label - see all the stars wearing Issa collection

gwyneth paltrow with zac posen oscars

Gwyneth is looking fabulous in Zac Posen. Not everyone can pull off sherbert orange, but Gwyneth is one stunning mommy! The entire look, complete with pin straight hair, is amazing.

I truly love all the red carpet dresses from both designers and of course, I can’t get enough of Issa’s collection. Kate’s (Duchess of Cambridge) favourite designer, she has been a huge fan of Issa for years wearing her pieces countless times. Just like what Helayel described her dresses as the 'bread of Issa’ -“People don't get tired of bread, they eat bread every day. You never get tired”. Interesting comparison :)


Kate Middleton wearing a purple wrap dress by Issa during her Canada Royal Tour

Kate with Issa dressses

Kate and her favourite Issa pieces

Issa silk jersey1Issa silk jersey

Issa jersey silk maxi dress – I love this piece!


Sienna opted for a scarlet red ruffled Zac Posen silk dress

I must say Issa’s collection are just stunning, totally adore her signature wrap dresses - effortless elegance that is universally flattering. The same goes to Zac Posen’s great pieces, he has dressed Hollywood’s most glamorous women, from Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez and Leighton Meester. His design and tailoring is impeccable. Every piece was stunning and unique and although there are hints of eras gone by, I’ve never seen dresses quite like this.

Ombre silk dress nude1Ombre silk dress nude2

Ombre silk dress by Zac Posen – I kept this image for my client’s inspiration

Solid wrapped waist silk dressSolid wrapped waist silk dress2

Stunning wrap waist dress by Issa – one of my favourite, classic!

Zac Posen red cocktail dressZac Posen red cocktail dress1

Unique design of Zac Posen cocktail dress

Both Zac Posen’s and Issa’s dresses have an amazing array of texture and definitely something to inspire you for your red carpet look and also your WEDDING!

**Contact us at to get your Issa and Zac Posen designer dresses.

Have a great week everyone, hugsss

Saturday, September 24, 2011

French Riviera Escapades


Top view of Monaco

Happy weekend everyone! I am so happy that the weekend is about to begin - knackered. I had a fab & unforgettable holiday in Nice and Monaco. Still reminiscing the blue sky, sunny days and absolutely gorgeous panoramic view of the beaches - Cote d’Azur (French Riviera) is unlike any other place on Earth.


Sunday morning stroll on the hunt of fresh pasta to cook for lunch, we found this colourful shop full of candies, chocolates and other attractive sweeties.


Lovely stay at Barbara’s (thank you bella) and we are getting ready to have our Sunday walk.


Attracted to the beef heart tomatoes Winking smile


Yay, we found our fresh Gnocchi!


Old town of Nice (I think!), I love the architecture of the buildings.


The view of the other side of Nice outside the garden of my friend’s place.


A little treat for us Smile


Still in Nice on Monday morning, we found this! What a nice ride Winking smile in a sunny day

My visit to the Cote d’Azur officially started in Nice. Located along the South-eastern coastline of France, Nice enjoys an exceptional “microclimate” with some of the freshest air in all of Europe. It is a Mediterranean city that opens to the sea and is naturally protected from high winds from the region’s mountain ranges. With this being my first visit to Nice, I must admit, the experience far exceeded my expectations. Nice is far from being an ordinary seaside town.


Our way up to Monaco


Monday afternoon eating lunch in front of Cap Marquet, yay to the sun!


We moved on to the other side of the beach to take another great view of Monaco.


Moving on to the front sea view outside the restaurant.


I noticed people enjoying an unpretentious lifestyle at a pace that was so relaxed. I immediately became baffled! Why? I guess it’s the way I watch people enjoy all of the peace and serenity outside the cafe, strolling down the beach and outside the terrace. Nice has a great deal of adventure-oriented opportunities to be enjoyed - windsurfing, kayaking, rock-climbing, paragliding and scuba diving. And if that’s not enough, you can even go enjoy skiing and other snow-focused opportunities in one of Nice’s adjacent alps… the middle of summer, haha! Think about it: Skiing at 9am and scuba diving at 4pm. Where else can you do this?

I love the colourful fruits and vegetables in Nice, I found myself overwhelmed by the freshness of the bounty of produce. The perfume from the grapefruits, the bold red colour from the vine ripened tomatoes, and of course, even the flowers were far superior than anything I have seen in any farmers market elsewhere.


Up the hill to capture this great view of Monaco


This is a must-have view to capture (gads, you’ll find this a lot, honest!)


Enjoying the moment – be still my Red heart


Another 10 mins walk up the hill to Monte Carlo casino


Yay, finally now my next hunt to find the shopping centre



Quick snap before I saw Donatella Versace in person


Apart from having Nice on the end (300 days of sun and the Mediterranean!), the place I loved more than other among those I was fortunate to visit in my life was without any doubts Monaco. Every two seconds you will see a Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car driving by. I really had no idea just how pristine the land would be....not a piece of trash to be found. My amazing good pal, Melania has been a great travel buddy, she has helped me a lot with all the travels, meeting her lovely friends (thanks for having us to stay at your beautiful place - Barbara and Henna) plus the French translations (mmuah thanks bella xx).


This is for you Caron! I found the shop Winking smile


Last night in Nice, my attempt on local Nice apĂ©ritif – Pastis


Lovely friends and couple, thanks to Aki, Henna and Melania -mmuah

We drove up to Monte Carlo and it’s the time of the year for the Monaco Yacht show where you can see the snazzy yachts, luxury boats that pebble dash the harbour, inside and out. I’m not really a sea-buff but I do enjoy the atmosphere. I’ve continued my Personal Shopper job here in Monaco till the end of the evening and SERIOUSLY, I’ve never seen so many women carrying Hermes Birkin bags. I’m not particularly embarrassed of going straight to Chanel shop with my flip flops but I was shocked to see Donatella Versace (the artificial face!) with her chihuahua standing beside me. I guess that’s the highlight of my French Riviera apart from the good company, food and wine.

Hugs, enjoy and have a lovely weekend Winking smile