Sunday, October 24, 2010

ERDEM and me


When asked to write an article about Young British Designers I immediately thought of Erdem- a current favourite of mine- and it was only in doing research that I realised my favourite young British designer was in fact…Canadian.

So breaking all the rules I decided to write about him and his beautiful collections instead because he symbolises a new generation of fashion and style.

cloudy grey lace dressErdem dressErdem -gold dress

1. Cloudy grey lace dress

2. Arresting colours and design in Erdem’s collection

3. Gold print dress by Erdem

What, you are probably wondering, could have made me think he was British? I feel I can justify myself here because he studied for a Masters at the Royal College of Art in London and worked on an internship with Vivienne Westwood, the epitome of UK design herself, which proves he certainly has British fashion credentials.


In an interview for London Fashion Week he described the girl wearing Erdem as a “clever person who probably cares little about seasons. She…marches to her own drum.” It is this which makes Erdem’s designs so powerfully creative as he chooses colours, fabrics, styles and motifs which stretch across the realm of fashion into genuine art. His designs are at once the most forward-thinking modern pieces you are likely to find but also the most classic and vintage-inspired. As a designer he is at once of-the-moment and timeless. And that is very exciting.

Erdem Mona skirtErdem maxi

Mona patchwork skirt and flowing silk maxi dress

In the autumn/winter 2010 collection look out for the Mona patchwork skirt, all of the flowing silk maxi dresses in the most fabulous deep almost earthy colours and the gold and autumnal ‘falling leaves’ patterned mini-dress. Erdem Moralioglu makes insanely beautiful dresses – fact, and his Autumn/Winter 2010 was no exception. This cloudy grey lace dress with dramatic high neck was pure Erdem magic.