Thursday, October 14, 2010

Entry - Timeless Piece Story

We have chosen one lucky contestant this week for our Timeless Piece story. This charming story gave us an important lesson in life that our past is a rich record of a time that has gone. The people you met, places you visited or lived in, important dates and most of all, the stories of your life, combine into a priceless collection of memories..and one that is unique to you. Let us hear from our diva.

"I bought the earrings, 6 months after I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. It was actually one of the impulse thingy that I have done as way of getting rid of all the memories that I had with him. I was in Tebrau City, window shopping by myself when I saw the earrings on the window display. It was love at first sight! I walk in, trade in the necklace that my ex gave to me and never take off the earrings ever since.

Many curious people stopped me and wanted to know where I bought it because of its unique design. I love it not only because of its shape but also the day I traded in the necklace. That's was the day, I started to heal (to tell you the truth, I really hate the necklace the first time I received it but I keep wearing it to 'jaga hati')

The timeless piece complement all my clothings and best of all, it is my constant companion as I face my one and only adventure called 'life' :0) "

To all Diva Darling readers, you are welcome to send us any stories on your timeless pieces and please don't feel shy to share your experience with us :) Hugs xx

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