Saturday, October 2, 2010

Your Timeless Pieces Contest

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Every girl has one item in their wardrobe or jewellery box that is both timeless and very special to them. My Timeless Piece is a pair of shoes. Nine-West sparkly, glittery, multi-coloured sequins shoes to be exact! They are my Dorothy shoes- they make me feel fabulous even on a fat or bad hair day!

What is a "Timeless Piece"? A Timeless Piece is an item which should be celebrated- something you know you’ll keep for a lifetime. So the girls at Diva Darling have created a fabulous contest with a fantastic prize. What better way to celebrate your timeless pieces than to use it to win a beautiful Longchamp bag worth RM560!!

Your timeless treasure, it can be your sandals or your Chanel handbag

Your favourite heels..

Your vintage dress hiding in your wardrobe...

Your priceless Gucci watch!

Send us a picture of yourself with your timeless piece and short description- it can be anything, your favourite shoes, most treasured designer handbags, special watch, or flattering dress. Every week we will publish the entries we receive so there will be some fierce competition. The competition closes on the 31st of October and the following week we will announce the winner.

One of my timeless piece - my blue evening dress

Email your entries to or

Good luck ladies!

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