Thursday, October 21, 2010

Absolutely LVOE it!!

Another special review from our Bruneian diva who has bought a stunning LV Palermo (I adore this bag!!). It has been an excellent experience to shop for her. Diva Darling team would like to express a BIG thank you for sharing the kind thoughts and the 'LVOE' story to our readers. Enjoy the beauty of her LV Palermo PM.

"Hi Carol!

Just to let you know you made my birthday this year a memorable one as I'm not only look forward to the day and celebrate it with my beloved family but also it is the day I received the much anticipated parcel from DHL.. of which concealed inside the big parcel lies the LV Palermo PM tucked inside the familiar yellow dust bag!

Anticipated parcel ;)


It was such a lovely birthday present to look forward to that day and I absolutely LVOE it! Thank you so much for make it happened dear carol..Before, the thought of getting the bag seems so far fetch since there was no way I'm going overseas anytime soon as I'm already 7+mths pregger. And since I'm an educator (EO), chances of going overseas are just limited to school holidays only of which is in March (1 week), June (2 weeks), Sept (1 week) and December (1 month). I was planning to go in June last time but I had nasty, nasty bouts of nausea and morning sickness, so trip was cancelled and by September.. it was too late for the trip.

Special note from Diva Darling

Wait for it!!

Frustrated, I went on bag porning over the net and stumbled upon your blog.. and after countless emails regarding bag and such with you, I made the decision to just get that Palermo PM via a personal shopper, which I've never done before. Let me tell you peeps, Carol is such a wonderful person and ever so helpful and patience in answering my so many endless and sometimes silly emails right until to the very end even after the Palermo arrived.


The new owner of beautiful Palermo (thanks dear!)

Thanks you so much Carol.. and I look forward for another bag quest with you ;)




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