Friday, September 17, 2010

Couture Wedding Dress

In case you haven't noticed from our recent wedding dress features, we are enjoying the design sensibilities of Spanish bridal houses these days. I was blown away by Vera Wang couture collection, the textures, appliques, and overall construction of their wedding dresses.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Tolli design

What exactly is a couture wedding dress? Well, the term used is French and couture means "sewing". In Paris, Milan and a few other fashion capitals of the world, the term implies that a piece of clothing is designed and constructed specifically for a single customer. Here in the real world, however, couture clothing or couture wedding dress has come to mean clothing made from high-quality, expensive fabrics, sewn with great craftsmanship paying attention to detailing.

A couture wedding dress is a symbol of your taste and personality. With it, you will feel proud and confident. If you have the ability to choose the right style from thousands of couture wedding dresses to fit your wedding, you will be quite out of the ordinary people and enjoy the feeling of "the couldn't imagine".

Absolutely stunning - The Grace Kelly style

Exquisite detailing and timeless

Diva Darling brings a special wedding dress, one finest collection and we are inspired by the style of the late Princess Grace Kelly. The dress look equally stunning from the front and the back. Oh so in love with the lace and the beautiful embroidery detailing creates a stunning image, opulent and luxurious, showing off the figure with full advantage. Endless and brilliant design, I simply ADORE this masterpiece!

Isn't she gorgeous!

Contact us for more details on prices, delivery and the terms and conditions of sales. Bridal shoes will be included for every purchase of our wedding dresses.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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