Friday, September 10, 2010

Colours of A/W 2010

Summer behind us, it's time to look forward to the coming cooler weather. Yes, Autumn / Winter 2010 fashion trends are on the horizon. Nevermind the cold next winter, it will be a season for falling in love. (wink!) The Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs collection is for a celebration of womanliness that will allow us to use traditional wiles and graceful curves to catch the eye of the objects of our affection.

Dior A/W Couture Collection 2010

The colour palette? Warmly autumnal but mixed together in a new way - pair of petrol blue, aubergine purple, warm brown, or wear navy with a flash of fiery orange- or add a dash of leopard print to anything for absolute seasonal definition.

I love this splash of colours!

Despite the numerous sightings of dark browns and neutrals some designers have really sought to infuse their forthcoming collections with bright colours. Perhaps most indicative of this is the human version of the Great Barrier Reef, Dior's Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 collection. It is full of beautiful bold colours.

Purple is my personal favourite colour and it's a colour rarely found in nature - a fact that instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it. Purple has traditianally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication. It is a colour of power also has a feminine and romantic appeal, especially the lighter shades in purple.

Let's take a look at the behind scenes of Prada Winter Fall 2010 Collection.

Diva Darling Boutique

Sept Colour A/W-1:: love Ever Winter Coat (with Belt)

Diva Darling’s Ever Winter Coat is what every girl needs this winter. It comes in striking black, stylish grey, and glorious purple so there’s a shade to suit every taste. The fantastic equestrian-inspired belt is totally of-the-moment and the funnel neck was seen on many of the catwalks this season. All you need to finish the wintry look is a pair of leather riding boots and some gorgeous gloves.

Size S: Shoulder -36cm, Chest -87cm, Length -88cm, Waist -74cm
Size M: Shoulder -37cm, Chest -90cm, Length -88cm, Waist -78cm
Size L: Shoulder -38cm, Chest -93cm, Length -88cm, Waist -80cm
Size XL: Shoulder -39cm, Chest -96cm, Length -90cm, Waist -84cm

Colour Available: Grey, Black, Purple

love Price: RM152 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-2:: love 2 way Dreamy Bow Dress (with Black Polo Neck)

So many of this season’s styles have been inspired by the 1950s and 1960s and this Dreamy Bow Dress is no exception. The simple A-line mini-dress shape is so 60s especially when worn with the black polo-neck. All it needs is a pair of wool tights and some gorgeous winter boots and the look is complete. The mustard yellow version is my must-have!

Size S: Chest -86cm, Length -88cm, Waist -72-78cm
Size M: Chest -88cm, Length -88cm, Waist -74-80cm
Size L: Chest -90cm, Length -88cm, Waist -76-82cm
Size XL: Chest -92cm, Length -88cm, Waist -80-84cm

Colour Available: Yellow Mustard, Purple and Rose Pink

love Price: RM106 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-3:: love Monochrome Flowy Corsage Dress

Perfect for the petite figure this delicate corsage dress can be worn to the office or on a night out. Its beautiful cut highlights the waist and the ruffle and corsage show quality and attention to detail. This is the dress for girls who like to keep it simple and stick to black (and white!).

Material: 53% Nylon, 47% Viscous Fiber

Size S: Chest -86cm, Length -86cm, Waist -70-72cm
Size M: Chest -88cm, Length -89cm, Waist -74-76cm
Size L: Chest -90cm, Length -94cm, Waist -76-80cm

love Price: RM105 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-4:: love Tartan Flair Top

As a Scottish girl myself I simply love this top. The unusual cut wraps around the body in a luxurious cape-like way (the cape was huge on the catwalk this season!) just what you need on a cold day! Wear it simply with dark denim jeans and a pair of boots.

Best Fit: UK10-UK12 (Medium-XLarge)
Colour Available: Blue and Red

love Price: RM78 (including shipment)

Sept Colour A/W-5:: love Autumnal Long Sleeve Dress

This gorgeous autumnal dress is plain and simple. The use of clean lines in this season’s minimalist style makes it a blank canvas for every girl to accessorize her way. Choose from black (for a casual take on the LBD) or beige (for 2010 update on the day-dress). I’d wear it with a draped cardigan and a pair of black patent heels.

Size S: Chest -86cm, Length -88cm, Waist -72-78cm
Size M: Chest -88cm, Length -88cm, Waist -74-80cm
Size L: Chest -90cm, Length -88cm, Waist -76-82cm

Material: Stretchable Cotton & Matte Silk
Colour Available: Beige and Black

love Price: RM107 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-6:: love Zipper Stylish Jacket

This stylish jacket with zipper detail is what every girl needs for an autumnal day out, especially on those days when it’s not cold but not warm either! The cropped cut is suited to fitted tops and jeans because it flatters the figure and the three colours the jacket comes in (purple, green, and black) will go with almost everything in your wardrobe!

Size S: Chest -76cm, Shoulder -36cm, Waist -76cm, Sleeve -40cm
Size M: Chest -80cm, Shoulder -37cm, Waist -80cm, Sleeve -41cm
Size L: Chest -84cm, Shoulder -38cm, Waist -84cm, Sleeve -42cm

Colour Available: Purple, Green and Black
love Price: RM113 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-7:: love Cowl Neck Knitwear

Every girl has to have some knitwear in her winter wardrobe. Timeless and classic, good knitwear is something you will wear season after season. Diva Darling’s cowl neck knitwear is both cosy and stylish. Team it with whatever you like- it will go with everything- but whatever you do make sure you include a pair of fabulous boots in the outfit!

Best Fit: UK8-UK10 (Medium-Large)
Material: Wool
Measurement: Length -58cm, Chest -84cm-88cm, Sleeve Length -60cm

Colour Available: Blue, White, Grey and Black

love Price: RM78 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-8:: love A-line Hepburn Winter Coat (with Belt)

This gorgeous coat is perfect for the winter season- especially for girls who love colour. In a beautiful feminine style, this design frames the figure thanks to the layering effect at the bottom. Both stylish and warm, this is a sophisticated coat for a sophisticated lady.

Size S: Chest -87cm, Shoulder -36cm, Waist -76cm, Length -85cm
Size M:Chest -90cm, Shoulder -37cm, Waist -82cm, Length -85cm
Size L: Chest -94cm, Shoulder -38cm, Waist -84cm, Length -85cm
Size XL: Chest -98cm, Shoulder -39cm, Waist -88cm, Length -86cm

Colour Available: Blue, Fushia and Black
love Price: RM130 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-9:: love Sideline Button Vanessa Dress (with Belt)

Perfect for autumn weekends, this dress is comfortable and stylish- smart casual at its best! It comes in three shades- wine red, grey, and green- all of which are stunning autumn colours. Wear it with a pair of this season’s pretty patterned tights, leather boots, a luxurious coat and a cute hat, scarf and gloves set!

Material: Wool Lycra (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester)

Size M:Chest -84cm, Sleeve Length -59cm, Waist -76cm, Length -80cm
Size L: Chest -88cm, Sleeve Length -59cm, Waist -80cm, Length -82cm

Colour Available: Wine Red, Grey and Green
love Price: RM108 (including shipment)

SOLD OUT!! star

Sept Colour A/W-10:: love V Neck Charm Blouse

This blouse come jumper is a fabulous addition to any autumn outfit when you’re looking for something that’s casual and adds warmth. It can be worn with anything from jeans to one of this season’s long skirts- which sit just below the knee- and comes in grey and black which makes it incredibly versatile. However you wear it, it’s a must-have item for this autumn/winter.

Material: Cotton

Best Fit: UK10-UK12 (Medium - XLarge)
Chest -92cm, Length -64cm

Colour Available: Black and Grey
love Price: RM86 (including shipment)
SOLD OUT!! star