Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Fine Day with LV

It's definitely a one fine day for me today when I received unexpected parcel in the office. There was a package - super massive box waiting for me at the reception early in the morning. Trust me, bad weather, torrential rain or even tornado will not make my system running at 7.30am, but this one heck ya! It's a big, familiar dark mahogany brown with the big letter of L-O-U-I-S V-U-I-T-T-O-N.

The massive box yet luxurious! Let's open it now.

Wait for it..

ahhh...beautiful craftmanship

Woo I was ecstatically awaken by my own excitement. It's the Louis Vuitton Palermo PM!! The soft and feminine pleats make the Palermo in fetching Monogram a must-have for sophisticated woman. This Louis Vuitton Palermo PM is covered in its entirety with the classic prints. Bold yet handy, expresses the style of the artist comes in soft, patchwork leather and features ample space in the compartments. I absolutely love the buckles on the Palermo, and the pleats.

Beauty awakens the soul - Craig David

Big compartment

This gorgeous Palermo PM is for our Bruneian Diva, you will soon meet her! It's truly a one fine day for me at work and I'm going to indulge the beauty of it for my birthday tomorrow. yay!

There’s just something about LV that never loses its class. This bag last a lifetime.

Hugs xx

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