Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mulberry Addiction

Mulberry is the last
word in timeless, luxury handbags. Made from the most gorgeous leather in the most classic of shapes, these are bags that most girls covet.

Mulberry Red and Black Bayswater

Mulberry Bayswater Natural Oak Leather -courtesy of

The Mulberry Bayswater is an investment. It has earned its place in the handbags Hall of Fame due to its popularity with fashion conscious celebrities. (It’s favoured by Kate Moss which can only be a good thing!) Slung over your arm it adds sophistication to any outfit and it goes with pretty much everything! The vast choice of colours on offer also allows you to show off your own personality and be a little bit original with what is otherwise a giant of the bag world.

Mini Alexa - love this colour!

If you do want to stick with the classic go for the camel-coloured design. It will match nearly everything in your wardrobe and is one of the most fashionable shades of the season. The Bayswater’s little sister the Alexa will certainly appeal if you’re a more casual girl.

Less sophisticated but more edgy it’s inspired by those fashionable young ladies (like Alexa Chung) who are also interested in cycling around beautiful European cities as it has a shoulder strap and can be worn across the body. An update on the old-fashioned satchel it’s a must for the scholarly who wander around campus with a great work of literature tucked away in their bag. In Mulberry’s usual style it comes in more colours than you would ever believe but if you fancy being more like Alexa (Chung that is not the handbag!) go for this one in classic camel as well.

For those who prefer to go slightly more under-the-radar (though I’m not sure that Mulberry ever releases any bag under-the-radar) the Daria is a great choice. With the signature mulberry tree on the clasp it is elegant and understated. It comes in a range of styles from tote to hobo to satchel, again in Mulberry’s fantastic range of colours. The satchel goes fantastically with casual or smart-casual day and the hobo is perfect for every occasion.

Whichever Mulberry you choose- look after it and it will look after you for years to come. This is one designer brand that will see you through every wardrobe crisis!

** I used to be a shoe person and over time I've found that my patience for and my ability to wear high heels all day has dissappeared. This is where my handbag addiction comes in.

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