Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane ~


I’m swamped with gazillion of emails and inquiries but that doesn’t stop me from getting ready for all the excitement to visit the French Riviera (thanks hubba bubba, tee hee!). Just the mere mention of “French Riviera” conjures up so many impressions – for most, it’s primarily a very fashionable region of Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France and sovereign state of Monaco.

After doing some reading on Côte d’Azur (a.k.a French Riviera) - the most dazzling, beautiful, exciting and glamorous places, I just can’t wait to pack my stuffs and fly! Three more sleeps and I’m ready to go Winking smile


Stunning view, will post more photos soon Smile

Before we get carried away daydreaming beautiful yachts and Princess Grace Kelly, our Personal Shopper service are open to all our loyal readers/clients (get ready Longchamp and Chanel lovers!) and we are accepting request for purchase before this Sunday, 18th September.

More exciting stories coming soon (Prada, Burberry, beautiful wedding dresses etc.) stay tuned with us, folks!

Hugs & smootchesss xoxo