Friday, September 16, 2011

Burberry Haymarket Colour Tote


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a model and muse of the new Burberry ‘Body’ fragrance

You’ve probably heard the iconic British luxury brand, Burberry - the trend setter of their well known check pattern across the globe. They have been featured on some of the most exclusive runways in the entire world. I found an article on British fashion brands that Burberry eponymous bags and scarves are known for their subdued style, while the women's coats can be described as nothing less than luxurious.

We had a brilliant time helping our lovely client to shop for her classic Burberry medium Haymarket colour tote. She’s a generous lady (thank you so much!) ordered lots Zara clothing with us as well. In all honesty, I haven’t seen much of Burberry collection and hence not an avid fan BUT I do have the love of the Nova classic check pattern now. I was totally smitten with the Burberry trench coats too (who wasn’t, tee hee).


Excellent packaging from Burberry – let’s open it!


The special Burberry card is for our lovely client, hope you’ll like it Winking smile



I LOVE this Burberry Haymarket pattern! I think it’s the preppy girl inside of me that loves it so much. It has the universal appeal, never go out of fashion and so in the cold, rainy and snowy season. It is more functional than any tote bag with its sturdy double handles, inside detachable checked zip pouch (very handy, it can be your purse too!) and dual-look structure. The interior snap buttoned closure creates inverted side pleats and you can also remove it to make more space for your casual look. This is the perfect carryall for all your day-to-day needs.


Items can easily be placed inside the tote's spacious interior & its neutral tones makes a year-round favourite.

Burberry Haymarket

Haymarket tote bag (in toffee colour) has two fine flat leather handles, bright leather piping on the seams & open top with magnetic button closure.


Classic check pattern, timeless!


Detachable checked zip pouch (very handy, it can be your purse too!)


The interior snap buttoned closure creates inverted side pleats, you can also remove it to make more space for your casual look.


Removable zip pouch, it can also be your purse.


I put on the internal snap buttoned closure & now another second look for your new tote bag.



My personal opinion on Burberry Haymarket bag – it’s totally timeless, practical, roomy compartment with elegant leather tab and most of all CLASSY! If you have grown tired of Burberry's famous Nova check print, you can browse through Burberry Nude collection officially launched recently on 1st September to commemorate the arrival of their new fragrance ‘Body’. I’ve tried it and the fragrance is simply sensuous! If you need us to be your Personal Shopper, contact us for more info at

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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