Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bridesmaids Inspiration


Top of beautiful Sunday morning to you Winking smile ! At least the sun is out again and the wind has slowly weakened here (just temporary!). I’ve made the effort to finally take out my written entry that has been sitting in my hard disk for quite some time, just waiting for me to click ‘Publish’. These photos are only a snippet of all the possibilities that we can help you to get, but hopefully will begin to get you inspired!


Cocktail length is the new length for girls who want a shorter dress. It’s wearable, and is absolutely up-to-the-minute.


One-shouldered designs have hit the rails with a bang this year. Diva Darling have some superb one-shoulder dresses in a range of fabrics and colours, from super-fun to super-sleek.

Bridesmaids dresses are anything but traditional for today’s modern wedding. There are many stylish options for your fashion forward maids. Bridesmaid dresses can sometimes create more headaches than the wedding dress, believe it or not! So when it’s time to work out how to dress your bridesmaids, you might want to bear the following in mind:

1. All brides want to keep their bridesmaids happy. But sometimes you just can’t please everyone, so be prepared to pull the ‘It’s My Wedding’ card if you need to. You’ll want to be tactful, of course, but a good bridesmaid should be happy to wear whatever you want!

2. There are a myriad of gorgeous colours to choose from, and you might be tempted away from your original colour idea. Just remember that your bridesmaid dresses are probably part of a colour scheme for your whole wedding, so make sure you’re happy with the colour as part of the overall look.


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Hot colours: Rich blues, teals, and sea-greens are big in trend now!

Marchesa chiffon gathered waistJH4545T

Marchesa chiffon gathered waist and Jim Hjelm satin ribbon tie shift dress. Gorgeous!


Have some fun jazzing up your dress with the right bridal accessories!

A big trend right now is for brides is to pick a designer/colour/fabric and allowing their maids choose the style they want that will best compliment their body shape and personal style. Not everyone can pull off a charmeuse silk! Let your maids have fun with accessories and grant them the option to choose an oversized cocktail ring or a stylish pair of chandelier earrings (with the bride’s approval of course!) Obviously, we never want the attention to take away from the bride-to-be, but your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding and a comfortable bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid. Check out some of the seasons top styles matched with some hot statement accessories.


Melissa Sweet’s Chic collection featured an amazing straw fedora hat with pretty details. Definitely a must-have!

Alfred Angelo 7125-1Alfred Angelo 7125-2

Perfect for a sunny, outdoor ultra low key wedding or that hip short dress.

Bridesmaid dresses can offer the opportunity to go for something a bit more fashion forward than you wanted for your bridal gown. So if you don’t feel brave enough to go for a super-trendy wedding dress, but you want to bring your wedding bang up to date, then go for it with the bridesmaids!


Frustrated with spending too much money on bridesmaid dresses that you’ll never wear again, choose versatile dress designs like this one!


Purple chiffon tea- length dress with flower corsage at the back.


Ultimately, just don’t be afraid to go with what you love!

Hot colours: Rich blues, teals, and sea-greens are big news at the moment, along with gorgeous autumnal colours such as damson, gold, or burnt orange. Claret, purple and chocolate are still massively popular though. Ultimately, just don’t be afraid to go with what you love!

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