Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet Baby Longchamp

We have received many reviews and enjoyed reading all of them. (It means a lot to us, thank you wink!). This week entry is special for us here in Diva Darling. Our diva this week shared her review on her new baby, the ‘Arbre de Vie’ bag from Longchamp.

She has been our loyal reader and supporter since we started, today we would like to give her a BIG hug and thank you for having Diva Darling as her personal shopper. Thank you so much dear for sharing your review with us.


Let’s read on her new sweet baby and have a nice week everyone! Hugs x

“..Good morning everyone!!! Today, I will reveal my new collection of handbag.. yeayyyyyyyy… :DD On your mark, get set go!!!! Hahaha.. Taraaaaaaaa…

It’s my new baby… Long Champ Le Pliage Arbre de Vie limited edition. In case you are wondering what is ‘Arbre de Vie’ (ah-ber-duh-vee) means, the ‘Tree of Life’ translated from the French lingo, a kind of evergreen foliage admired by the French.



The handbag is in Navy colour. I bought through Diva Darling. This Le Pliage by Long Champ is beautifully embroidered with a bird design and is new for the Spring 2011 collection. I love the design so much. I only carry this handbag three times since I bought. Serious sayang giler. hehehe..

I love the compartment too so that I can fit my netbook, wallet, diary, makeup bag & etc. I love this kind of handbag has a shoulder strap in addition to handles, since I can easily fill anything inside the handbag and I like being able to shift that burden from my arm to my shoulder. Sounds great rite.

It’s so nice. I love.. love.. love it so much :)


Anyway, thx to Diva Darling for the arrangement from UK. If you are interested in some brand/designer handbag, do contact Diva Darling. Really recommended :)

Thx so much Carol :D