Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stunning Noni Reynders

Noni Reynders

All of us have our fashion vice, and for me it’s the know-how on mixing eastern traditions with western design to create cocktail and evening dresses. I absolutely adore Noni Reynders creations, a London based Malaysian designer.

Combining her debut collection with beautiful embellishment and sophisticated elegant cut, really portrays her talents on mixing striking colours (I love them!), textures and rich fabrics. She gives the whole “feminine with an edge” look a whole new direction, create a very individual style and aesthetic.


Her collection in one of the UK bridal magazine.

Her collection really caught my eye, with the energetic colours and the fabrics that flowed so elegantly down the catwalk. The detail in the selection of the textile and the high-fashion craftsmanship, Noni has put into these garments makes this collection world-class, and we are delighted to offer these pieces to be enjoyed by followers of fashion.


The Roses Petals dress

This dedicated designer is set to take the fashion industry by storm and her designs have the ability to seriously propel her career. Lets take a look at her popular pieces and visit her link here.

loveNadia Louise

Nadia LouiseNadia Louise1

A beautiful dress with chain beads detailing. There are buttons on the bodice and a zip on the skirt. There is also a removable strap on the dress giving wearer an option to wear it as an off shoulder dress or as a strappy prom dress.

The 5 tier layered skirt gives a romantic feel to the dress whilst the beautiful gold beadwork arranged in the chain beading style gives the dress a luxurious feel. The bodice comes with buttons and there is a zip on the skirt.

Available from UK6 – UK12


Karolina Karolina1

Beautiful and elegant. Karolina intrigues everyone who sees her, her effortless style, multifaceted personality, an enigma to many except those who know her. Made from silk crepe chiffon combined with the organza petals- the textures, the colour and the luxury feel of the perfectly hand crafted piece represents the woman everybody wants to get to know, Karolina.

Available from UK6 – UK12

loveRoses’ Petals

roses frontroses petals

No party is a real party without a "wow" party dress. This is what the Roses' Petal Dress symbolises. Made out of silk and its intricate petal detailing makes it extremely ornate and elegant.

Available from UK6 – UK12


Fizzle FrontFizzle

The Fizzle one shoulder dress is a part of "Rock" in the Rock & Romance collection. The beautiful graphical bead work and the extremely sexy cut makes this the perfect party dress.

Available from UK6 – UK12

loveIssey Toga

issey toga frontIssey

The Issey Toga dress has a beautiful chain bead detailing on the shoulder. The top is fitted whilst the skirt has a 3D feel to it due to its construction. With the bodice made of triacetate jersey and skirt from silk brocade, this dress is chic and glamorous. A must-have for this season.

Available from UK6 – UK12

lovePurple Ruffles

Purpple ruffle dress frontPurple Ruffle Dress  back

Gorgeous V neckline ruffle front dress with exquisite detailing at the back and it’s perfect for your night out and party this spring and summer season. Popular choice and stunning silhouette, we love it!

Available from UK6 – UK12