Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday gorgeous readers! Today we are excited to finally share the good news that we’ve been holding to since last week :) We are now in working partnership with Lobang Central Singapore, they provide the best deals and offers from available blog shops in Singapore. You don’t have to hunt for your favourite items now, there will be deals and offers brought to you online.

Lobang deal

Get an additional $50 off with any 2 handbags purchased

We have just launched our special deal and it is featured in Lobang Central Singapore website now running live. All designer bag lovers out there, this will be a fantastic offer that you will not want to miss! Experience it while you can.

Check out our great deal this week and stay tune with us for more juicy stories!

See below our terms and conditions of Lobang Central Singapore partnership with us.

"Diva Darling and Lobang Central have formed a partnership whereby Lobang Central, of is allowed to sell vouchers of Diva Darling only at
All the voucher promotions have been vetted through and are constantly updated by us so as to ensure customers get the latest and best promotion offerings from us through Lobang Central."