Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The K-Runway

Speaking of Asian fashion, everybody might come up with different definition. There is no right or wrong about this definition, but I would personally define it as fashion from Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Korea and Japan emit strong fashion influence not just in Asian countries but also in America and Europe itself. Research shows that looks and appearance play a huge role in Korean society. How you look is very important! From the fashion articles, blogs, fashion shows and magazines that I've read and seen, fashion in Korea involves wearing lots of layers and having lots of accessories to go with your clothing.

People like to wear clothes having the influence of haute-couture look and elaborated in English text, but normally this text only serves as the "design" and the literal meaning has nothing to do with anything. You might find, even in the Baltic cold winter, you will see some women wearing mini skirts without tights or stocking in high-heeled boots. I don't know how they can deal with the minus degree weather!

In this day and age, I believe faith and fashion can co-exist mutually and peacefully without compromising each other. And I have the deepest faith in fashion!

"Modern Islamic clothing" , doesn't mean you have to dress in dull colours. You can still put off contemporary styles and at the same time stand for your belief. The key is, balancing between what you need and a little of what you want. star

Most importantly, dont' forget to bring in a little of your personality into what you wear, Muslim or not. After all, faith also requires you to express yourself.

The month of February will be the starting point of Diva Darling journey to introduce a new line - the "K-runway" a.k.a Korean runway. Korean fashion statement is making their mark on the world's fashion house because of the increasing popularity of Korean celebrities in the eyes of the world. Thus, these celebrities are becoming the Korean fashion's ambassador to introduce Korean clothing lines to the world.

We would like to share our favourite Korean clothing collection with all of you - Korean fashion lovers out there! We will start our fashion challenge next week by introducing and promoting our February collection and keep your fingers close to your keyboard babes! love