Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paris in December ~Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner. I will be heading off to London in two days time and just cannot wait to go to Paris for Christmas! (Je vais à Paris!) I will not be able to be in touch with you all, but I will definitely bring something from Paris.

Paris and fashion go together like bread and butter, as far as anyone can remember - Paris has always been the fashion capital of the world. Perhaps it is the designer coutures that dot every major street corner or the hundreds of beautiful people that walk up and down the tree-lined streets everyday.

Ok, enough about Paris, I'm definitely going to miss you all. Diva Darling will resume again early January and there will be lots of interesting, fun, trendy and cool stuff for everyone. Keep us close to you, all of you are our DIVA DARLINGS! xx .

We would like to thank all of you friends and folks for your warm Christmas & New Year wishes and visiting our blog. Wishing all our supportive readers and buyers, wherever you may be, warmest Christmas wishes and all the best in the New Year.

Special thanks to my web designer, Pamela Lopez - The PoshBox for all the help in making over my blog. We like it very much!!

We dedicate our appreciation to our partner & designer - Che from Manila, her help & support in making this happen and prosperous year for the both of us. xoxo (Your Christmas card is on its way!)