Thursday, February 13, 2014

Timeless LM Cuir

LM Cuir, Longchamp’s new icon, introduced last year for Spring 2013 and this year Longchamp came in a dazzling array of shades. We had the chance to grab one velvety dark purple colour during the Christmas big sale (half the price!) and we totally in LOVE with it! Such a smooth and soft leather with buttery feel and of course, its well known embossed LM pattern which represent racehorses galloping and crossed reins.

The gorgeous LM Cuir


Snap top seals slightly structured tote silhouette

There are 16 colours in total. Which colour are you? I will go for the bright and nude colour this Spring. Fresh colours fit all styles, weekend and casual look - don’t forget to pair it with your favourite oversized blazer or skinny jeans. You can carry any colour that presents your style with playful to classy one!
Gorgeous electric blue for spring/summer!

A versatile detachable zip pouch



They feature on the two original LM Cuir tote bags, as well as on small leather goods, travel bags and a trolley case. All bear the signature details of the LM Cuir line: gold or silver metallic leather piping and a metal identity tag engraved with Longchamp heritage symbols. So classy!

Which colour will be yours this time?

For those who like to log things (like me with my baby girl’s essential), a medium size (36x32x1cm) is more practical & here comes the fun part - it has a detachable zip pouch for hidden cargo and suitable for fashionistas of all ages.

For more information and orders on Longchamp bags, please contact us at or click here to send us inquiry. Enjoy the vid folks!