Sunday, October 28, 2012

Swish Purple Fitflop

fitflop frou
Brrr…big flakes of wet snow were whirling lazily last Friday, hope everyone in the UK or Europe now are ready to make a decent snow man (maybe not too soon!). Anyway, we thank you for still being with us and we have a massive ‘PURPLE’ colour splash from Fitflop today – exclusively purchased for our lovely client.

Boxes of Fitflop ready to be delivered to our lovely DD’s.


Pretty petals to add a bit more sparkle on your feet!


The most popular ‘Frou Cosmic’ purple, the frilly fabulous Fitflop sandals – every women, girls, daughters, mothers love them to bits. Not only they are comfy, pretty stylish too for a day-to-day wear and I can’t say enough the vibrant colour adding more sparkle to it.


As we all know, Fitflop not only helps to tone your legs and bottom as you walk, but as a long-term lower back sufferer they have worked wonders on twisted hip and tight back. They help tighten your leg muscles and also absorb more shock than the normal shoe.

Lolla black leather raffia

The comfy buttery feel of the suede sole and we love the shine on the leather slide

Contemporary graphic-weave black raffia



Another beautiful creation of Fitflop – the ‘Lolla’ graphic-weave black raffia with purple inner sole, it’s attractive and we love the contemporary texture-wrapped wedge and the leather slide. The built is durable for long walks and you can basically pair it with any of our casual and sporty outfit.



Ok folks, we hope to bring you more exciting items soon – get in touch with us, if you want us to help you purchase Fitflop sandals exclusively on our Personal Shopper service (open to individual, retailers and blog shop owners) please contact

*We purchase all our Fitflops directly from Fitflop UK and if it doesn’t fit, we can return them for you.

Much love xoxo