Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wien Österreich

Summer is almost over and we really hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did. We had our little trip to Vienna couple of weeks ago and it was indeed a great summer holiday. Simply love Vienna, what a beautiful city!



Big park going towards the Schonbrunn palace and zoo – the girl behind me happily jumping on her rope


My bumble bee ride, the only adult sitting all the kids screaming to get a ride!

I can basically sum up our Austrian experience as: palaces, Wiener Schnitzel, museums, churches, fortress, sound of music, Mozart (and the rest of the gang!), trams, lost in speaking foreign language, hours of walking and beautiful weather.  It was like going to an Amazing Race, and never imagined we learnt the city map and transit system faster than we thought.


How cute is that face?

Some areas are under refurbishment but the surroundings are simply majestic! Horses everywhere and the famous Spanish Riding School (the white building) is full with tourists!

A little bit of this…

A little bit of that…

The city itself is amazing, unreal amount of beautiful architecture, stunning statues and every corner we turned, I could hear myself saying again, ‘Look how can it be this beautiful everywhere!’. I think my other half swallowed his tongue by then, listening to me repeating this.

Random ice cream cone & random ancient guy Winking smile

Fascinating restoration work going on, I love the way they covered the building – just like being painted over!


Uuuu..hello can you hear me?

Other half listening attentively to classical music (nah!) & my favourite composer – Beethoven!

We walked around the city and went to few museums, including the Museums Quartier, the Parliament building, the Vienna state opera house, Schönbrunn Zoo (the oldest in the world), Schönbrunn Palace, Haus der Musik (my favourite!), Giant Ferris wheel, St. Peter’s church, Rathausplatz, and many more exhaustive list that I can’t write it down here.

Hopping on to another tram for fabric hunting!

Inside the Museum Quartier area, the big grey building ‘MUMOK’ having their modern art display

Behind the Parliament building & the State Opera House

Giant Ferris wheel – watch from far someone beside me scared of height!

Can’t get enough of these cute fellas Smile

Was wondering the use of the red/purple cubicles?

This is what it does!

Fabric hunting went well apart from the ‘eee-uuu-ahhh’ trying hard to converse German or more likely to making English sounds German, wink! Our last night in Vienna, we headed up to the Summer Stage area (supposed to have a live orchestra) and  unfortunately, no performance that night so we stuffed ourselves with more delicious food and a nice little scenic tram ride. We will definitely go back some time and our next trip is to the beautiful French Riviera!

Have a nice weekend, everyone! Winking smile