Sunday, July 29, 2012

Le Maroquinerie is back!

Happy Monday everyone! What a great weekend, the Olympics has started and I’m sure you are one of the billions of people throughout the world watching the opening ceremonies (I was one too!). Both my sister and I have always been excited to watch this prestigious Olympics Games at home when we were kids (only she has been more successful in the sports arena!) and admiring the athletes.

Mixed of A/W colours - Le Maroquinerie, Le Pliage Cuir (oops taken), Le Pliage tote bags

Voila, the Le Maroquinerie series in Burgundy and Dark Gold

Available now in medium long handles both LM Dark Gold and Burgundy (size: 25x25x14cm)

Beautiful shade of Dark Gold


Ok, we move on to another less sporty side – the limited edition Longchamp Le Maroquinerie line is back now in bold and beautiful A/W 2012 colours. We managed to grab few fast selling colours this season in our short London trip last week. Take a look at the charming Burgundy and sophisticated Dark Gold colours, a must-have keep sake and collectibles!

For those who follow us in our Facebook fanpage, we have posted all the bags in limited pieces and they are ONLY available this time. We had so many Le Maroquinerie fans last time when the Bronze colour was out in the market and as much as we would like to help and get it, they were all sold out.

LM large size long handles (size: 31x30x19cm)



Not forgetting our Le Pliage tote in its new A/W colour ‘Mandarine’, lovely mixed colour of brown/orange

Medium short handles and medium long handles up for a grab!

Based on our experience from the previous years, Longchamp do not replenish their stocks for most of their bags in a season, hence if you miss the season for the colour you specifically want, you will have to re-think your next alternative colour for the up coming season or you can get and purchase preloved bags.

Hope you don’t miss the chance and get them while you can. Enjoy the week and stay tuned with us!

Hugs & smiles xoxo