Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Louis Vuitton - L’ame Du Voyage 2012

Louis Vuitton
I’ve recently been invited to attend a private viewing of Louis Vuitton latest creation in London and (sadly) as much as I want to go, I couldn’t make it. So folks, I am going to share the exciting Louis Vuitton 2012 through the beautiful pages of L’ame Du Voyage (I have my eyes on few!) and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Eric Lartigau on set in Mexico while shooting for Louis Vuitton creations

That was quite a scene!

I have to say, I love Eric Lartigau’s work in this new Louis Vuitton brochure, such an inspiration! He has travelled across the world capturing“The Big Picture” (his film) mixing different cultures, emotions and movement. When we flipped through the pages, I was amazed to see the diversity of scenes, angles and places in Mexico to illustrate the world of Louis Vuitton from his perspective.

Louis Vuitton wool embroidered dress, the price is to die for!

Look at that Alma Epi leather and the Lumineuse Empreinte

iPad case & iPhone case in Monogram Empreinte leather

To all LV fans out there who has seen the latest brochure must be excited with the stunning collection, and we take the liberty here to share few of our favourite pages. (P/S: Wise thing to do if you have old LV catalogues, don’t throw or give it away – collect and you can SELL them, they are valuable collectibles!)

The supple calf leather Lumineuse Monogram Empreinte caught our eye, an intricate details of versatility and the colours are impeccable. It has a timeless shape, generous interior and all-time favourite – the removable shoulder straps. Apart from the Lumineuse beauty, the Alma bag in Epi leather has been by far loved by most fashionista, most classic and well-received designs by LV over all time.

Monogram Lumineuse Empreinte ‘Flamme’ & vibrant colour Alma Epi leather in spicy ‘Piment’


One of our favourite, silk animal print scarf & customised monogram bag on the left hand side of the page.

Snap shot of the official price list L’ame Du Voyage 2012 Winking smile

We chose these pages as we were head over heels in the artsy animal print silk scarf and the wool embroidered dress (£5,600 eeks!). The whole collection is so chic, loving the delicate and glamorous fabrics. I should say, the ready-to-wear collection was made for all shapes and sizes (not for runway models only), more laid back vibes not fussed and most importantly trendy for everyone.

Have a great week folks! Smile

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