Monday, June 18, 2012

Get creative with your dresses

There are many ways you can get creative with your dresses i.e. wedding, parties or even formal functions in a fun memorable way. I normally give my clothes a second glance and my wardrobe a second chance with easy creative alterations – by adding and tweaking them with my quirky way to make them look into a brand new design.

Midi dress
Fall in love with your favourites again and tweak them creatively with your accessories

The key to looking fabulous is in the fit!

Get creative with your little black dress, spice it up with blings

Small design details and minor tailoring tweaks can transform pieces from the past into modern masterpieces and give you a fashion-forward edge. It can be fun to fall in love with your favourites again and save the splurge you haven't worn in ages.

Transform pieces from the past into modern fashion-forward edge

Vintage look – get your ‘old’ dress and pair it with sassy a belt


Trends come and go, and you certainly can’t buy a new wardrobe for every fickle fashion moment. As any sophisticated and stylish woman knows, the key to looking fabulous is in the FIT! We found easy-to-update dresses in few of our favourite labels and stores here, and you can always jazz them up with different belts, hair accessories, jewelleries and even scarves.
“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady" - Edith Head

This beautiful tribal necklace will totally change and transform your old outfit

Everyone has a go-to garment, the one item you find yourself buying over and over again (I do have mine too, donated some to make some space!) despite the stack already in your closet. If you’re a little-black-dressaholic, you may want to consider revising one! Think outside the box, and add ruffles, pockets (or the illusion of pockets with carefully placed, angled fabric), or change the neckline.

ASOS Pyjama jacketasosembellishedmesh midi
Turn your pyjama jacket and maxi vintage dress into a swanky new outfit

Coast pink perfection 

WH midi dressWHRouched wrap dress
Warehouse UK midi sheer dress (left) and ruched wrap dress (right)

Try to experiment your creativity on a dress and add an empire waist by weaving a ribbon belt around it. This small adjustment created a whole new silhouette and added interest to your new swanky dress. Ok, final way of getting creative is to go VINTAGE! And when I say ‘go vintage’ I mean, raid your everything – you might find your mum’s twiggy dress which could be pretty valuable findings. You get something unique, that has a story and that vintage feel and perfect for creating beautiful outfits.
Enjoy folks, hope you will be inspired and you can always email us if you need a swanky, unique, trendy dresses and outfits at