Thursday, May 17, 2012

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

Longchamp Cuir
The most popular Longchamp Spring Summer 2012 bag, the iconic Le Pliage incarnated in a new leather version, “Cuir” is already making its mark to all fashionistas around the world. Earlier March this year from the launching of the Le Pliage® Cuir line, the vibrant colour palette for Spring/Summer really shows its versatility and definitely an absolute must-have for this season.


The lovely bags were placed securely inside the dust bag

Love the fresh smell of ‘Metis’ leather

Available in 8 different colours for medium size Le Pliage Cuir

In our recent short trip to London, we managed to get our hands on to the most sought after colours of Le Pliage Cuir – Orange and Cyclamen (booking was made few weeks before, pheww!). Those who love to own a versatile and practical ‘leather’ bag, this is the perfect everyday bag and I LOVE the fact you can fold it to be your neat little bag fits into your carry-on luggage (good investment for travellers) plus it comes with removable shoulder strap. Yes, I know it’s irresistible!

The Orange and Cyclamen smallest Le Pliage Cuir (25x23x16 cm)



Tadaa, now we can hook the shoulder strap!

Longchamp created this bag as a carry-anything flexible day bag and this new updated Le Pliage version is made from a unique soft leather ‘metis’ (means mixed race). It’s flexible and durable, which is why these bags can be folded repeatedly. The smallest Le Pliage Cuir comes in 3 dazzling colours – Cyclamen, Orange and Red, and you will be spoiled by more different sizes and colours too!
Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir details
The medium size Le Pliage Cuir in Cyclamen

Jacquard tan fabric interior


Irresistible delicious colour!


We love the Orange Le Pliage Cuir too, a trendy colour for this season!

You can see the design of Le Pliage Cuir is similar as its predecessor, the Le Pliage canvas having the same flap, zip closure, double handles and nickel hardware. These bags available in 8 delicious shades, and 5 sizes: travel bags, two totes, shopper and pouch. It has soft leather removable shoulder strap and a Jacquard printed lining.

While the Le Pliage Cuir is perhaps slightly heavier than the canvas ones, it is definitely lighter than many other full leather bags. It’s time to get your new iconic bag in leather now, what will be your favourite colour? For more information and orders on Longchamp bags, please contact us at or click here to send us inquiry. Enjoy the vid folks!