Thursday, March 1, 2012

Veil oh veil!

After your wedding dress, a wedding ‘veil’ is one of the most defining aspects of your bridal appearance. I always advise my new clients/brides to consider selecting a veil that compliments their wedding dress. You will also need to consider how it will work with your dress, face shape, body shape, hairstyle and wedding location.
In this entry, we are going to give some tips/guidance on choosing wedding veil. All you need is to assess your wedding dress –for example, do you have back details that you’d like to reveal or embellished bust panel? A simple guide to remember girls, if you have quite a simple dress you can carry off a more elaborate veil. However if your dress is very detail, a simple veil often looks more flattering.

Mantilla veil (left) and embroidered veil (right) incorporates attention to detail.

Wedding dresses fall under several different styles and your veil needs to work with this style. The ‘classic’ style, which is formal, symmetrical and usually elaborate in some way. The ‘romantic’ style possesses an element of softness and usually incorporates lots of attention to detail. The ‘sophisticated’ style is an understated look that is free from fussy details and the ‘eclectic’ look is creative with unexpected touches.

Silk tulle veil with chantilly lace and beaded appliqué

I’m loving this Bohemian vintage wedding veil, truly hippie chic

White Waltz veil
Wedding veils with different material, colours and styles

Most popular wedding veil – the fingertip length

So, how do you choose the length of your veil? The two most popular veil lengths chosen by brides at the moment are fingertip (or hip) length and cathedral length. Long veils like cathedral and chapel veil can be very dramatic and definitely has the wow factor but can be quite cumbersome, especially when it comes to sitting down for your meal or dancing at your evening reception. Let’s see the types of veils available here;
1. Shoulder length – veil is around 20 inches in length and perfectly suited to dresses that have bust, waist, or lower back details. Remember, they are often too informal for classic, formal dresses.
2. Elbow length – approximately 25 inches long and it falls around the elbow. It works well with romantic ball gown style dresses, as it ends where the fullness in the skirt begins.
3. Waist Length - veil just slightly longer then an elbow length veil. It suits most dress styles that do not feature a train.

Floor length, chapel and cathedral veils

4. Fingertip Length - one of the most popular lengths, when you stretch your arm out it reaches around your fingertips. They are approximately 36 inches long and also suit majority of dress styles.
5. Knee Length - approximately 45 inches and reaches to around your knees. It looks good with mid calf length wedding dresses.
6. Chapel Length - slightly shorter then cathedral length and veils still drape onto the floor. They are typically around 90 inches long and best complement with dresses that feature a train.
7. Cathedral Length - the longest and most formal, these veils are usually around 120 inches long and some extend up to nine feet along the ground. They work best with full length, classic wedding dresses.
8. Mantilla – a Spanish style lace veil that covers the bride from head to toe and falls from the crown, suitable for classic wedding dresses with train.

Wide selection of wedding veils available in the market

Parisian bridal hood Smile

Beautiful veil and headpiece

A long veil can create a wonderful ‘aura’ around you (photo credits to Ann Guise)

Birdcage veilbridal-veils-3
Birdcage veil can be adorned with swarovski crystals and pearls

You can choose different tiers available from one to three tier veil. The choice is largely dependent on the style of your dress. A one tier veil is suited to a sophisticated look, but a romantic dress often benefits from a two or three tier veil. Classic dresses also tend to require at least two tiers. Multiple tier veils suit simple hairstyles because your hairstyle will not be clear to view under the layers.

The choices are endless, but the more you look around and try on, the more you’ll get to know what’s right for you and your wedding. Diva Darling provide veils for every wedding dresses purchased (yes, veils are free!) and wedding dresses rental services are open now too. Feel free to contact us, and arrange for private viewing/appointments.

Have a lovely day!