Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Feet Fitflops


Remember when we talked about flops that make you fit last year? Now we have more for our Fitflop fans out there and we’ve purchased more for our special lovely Diva Darling’s. Many FitFlop lovers say that, wearing them their feet never get tired, even if walking for the whole day plus it works to tone the thighs and buttocks.



Coming more on your doorsteps soon!

Out on the streets this weekend, we saw more women wearing FitFlops than ever before and with the spring/summer in full swing, FitFlop footwear seems to be the sandal of choice this year. In the gym, I saw at least 3-4 women using them too! Fitflop craze is going strong but why is it they are so good for our feet? Ok folks, what makes FitFlops so special? The soles are made of a Microwobble board (patented) that claims to be able give your leg muscles a little workout, and burn more calories to boot. More importantly, they may improve posture and absorb shock. Plus they are cute!


Ciela Slide comes in Pewter, Dark Bronze & Black


Ciela Slide in Pewter, we love the blings!



Perfect day-to-evening holida sandal with Microwobble board midsole

I personally love this Ciela Slide in Pewter (it has other colours too!), popular in Europe with its clean, classic lines under sparkly cover and a timeless style sandals. They are perfect day-to-evening holiday sandal with super-cushioned Microwobble board midsole. So not only are they stylish and in a range of different colours/sizes, they are also helping you work out while doing your every day routine.


FF Supertone Luxe available in Midnight Blue, Plum, Gunmetal & Chocolate Bronze. (Half price in Fitflop site now!)


Our client chose this Gunmetal Metallica beauty!



It’s light and comfy!


This is what you should feel when you wear it

This Supertone FF sneakers is a fashionable one, it has the ‘smart’ technology midsole and ladies, let me remind you it’s advantageous buying one of these to tone the thighs! FitFlop has launched collection of sneakers (and they come in platinum – we bought the Gunmetal!) and for the fashion forward (or just the fun) our shiny new ‘Happy Gogh’ takes the clog trend. It’s available in rich, soft patent leather in a range of bright, bold, or more classic colours, with rock-chick studs around the edge. The perfect mix of cool, comfy, classic and convenient. You can casually wear them with rolled up jeans, footless tights or crazy leggings.


Happy feet with Charley boots – available in Black leather, Toffee suede & Chocolate suede


Unboxing the Charley Boots


Black leather Charley boots


Curvy cut upper with slim outsole


Charley Boots - calf size: 378mm, ankle size: 270mm & height from heel: 390mm

If you like to get a comfy long-tall boot mixes 'urban girl' with riding style, CHARLEY boots are for you. It has split panel construction, a full length zipper, a curvy cut upper and a slim, pretty outsole. I should say, it is a very wearable up-to-the-minute beautiful knee high boot and in all leather black, or leather and suede mixed.


Happy Gogh soft patent leather available in Groovy Fuschia, Red and Purple


Add some shine with this rich soft patent leather and be a rock-chick!



New ‘Happy Gogh’ takes the clog trend



Pretty shoes & happy feet!

Check it out for yourself in Fitflop website, and tell us which FitFlop you like best! If you are interested in experimenting with FitFlops, contact us to be your Personal Shopper at

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Wouldn't it be great if by just wearing sparkly shoes we could completely blow off our workouts?