Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To all mothers, mums, mamas & mommies

When life feels overwhelming with new babies and toddlers, many mums grab their purse and head for the mall. Like any Mum, between the kids and work there isn’t a lot of time! Shopping can be fun when you can appoint a personal shopper to shop for you. Now, not only we can put things together on your fashion needs and wardrobe issues, we can also shop for your babies.


Most mothers would do everything and provide anything for her baby, and being meticulous mum when it comes to baby's food and things is a must. For the past couple of months, we had overwhelming orders on baby products and the most best seller items are from ‘Philips Avent’. Philip Avent products available with their superb level of quality and comfort mean that you do not have to look anywhere else when it comes to navigating the often-confusing choice of products on the market.


Baby products delivered to our lovely mums! You can also order mum’s products too.


Phillip Avent Electric Steriliser complete with one feeding bottle and accessories


The steriliser has a smart design that takes up little space in your kitchen, yet still fits six Philips AVENT Bottles or two Philips AVENT Breast Pumps.



The first place to start is the Philips Avent breast pump voted number one recommended breast pump by mums in the UK.

From the research on baby products, Philips Avent products are durable enough for boiling, dishwashing and even on microwaves too, thus they undergo a kind of sterilisation making them healthy for your baby. Although they are little bit expensive than other leading brands, but it is worth the money spending for considering its quality and durability.


Philips Avent feeding bottles have a unique design to reduce the instance of colic which is common to babies. The bottle shape is wide perfect for easy filling and cleaning.


Variety Avent Philips baby products available from teats to first trainer cup


Baby’s first step to using Avent Philips first trainer cup


Medela brand is also known for producing high-quality products for breastfeeding moms. They offer everything from breast pumps to bottles to breast milk storage bags to make life easier for new moms. Not all breast pumps on the market today have the quality and features that you need for long-term success with your breast pump. In general, Philips Avent and Medela products are definitely worth buying for your babies giving them the quality that they need, after all they are the most precious thing we have in this world.


Medela cooler bag with 4 storage bottles & accessories



Earth Mama Angel Baby products are well known in the States and UK for safe, zero-toxin, hospital recommended organic herbal products supports mamas and babies through the entire birth process. Order from us now to experience the miracle!

In this entry, we are going to give some tips/guidelines on how to get your Personal Shopper to shop for you:

  • Tell us what you need in as much detail as possible, give us links (only UK/Europe websites) or photos.
  • We search the items (or equivalent alternatives) or visit personally the local shops for you.
  • We give you a quote for your shopping list and estimate the shipping cost.
  • If you are happy, you can fill up our order form online and proceed payment via Paypal/Western Union.
  • You pay the total amount, and receive delivery of your personal shopping items.

This personal shopping service will save you both time and money, leaving you free from yet another worry when traveling with children, or indeed when having them come to visit you.