Monday, February 13, 2012

Always a V-day!


Again, the over commercialised day (which you all know) the Valentines Day is here. Not being too vain or philosophical about it, but I'm not exactly those "all gooey to show your love on Valentines day!" kind of people. It’s not wrong to celebrate it, but it’s always good to do little things everyday – remind us to appreciate our spouse and loved ones.

Men everywhere wrecking their brains on what a woman wants and if they're romantic enough and exactly how expensive romanticising is. Since the media years and years ago embedded in the minds of every human being that Feb 14th is the day of oestrogen, all that's pink....les femmes! Which turned most women into lurve freaks. I'm sure at one point it was an occasion where love was celebrated, not just love between couples but love altogether.


For all the single ladies or men out there, don’t stress out if the pressure is high on this V-day. Treat V-day as ME DAY!! Pamper yourself to the highest degree and invite all you singletons to do the same. Go on a mini holiday, take a couple days off and go somewhere, preferably someplace full of nature and be one with the world itself and not the part that's busy wrecking their brains and bank accounts for gifts.

Ok I think that’s enough from me, you’ll probably think that I’m being cynical. Mmm, what’s my love disclaimer? It would be my participation, the exchange of tokens of love that are simple (really, very simple) and thoughtful. I’m going to have dinner at home with hubby, I don’t have to go and spend a fortune to an expensive restaurant. We plan to share the duties and spend time together in the kitchen –COOKING. Smile

**February stylist picks will be coming soon, stay tuned with us and have a lovely week everyone.

Hugs and smooches xoxo