Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unboxing Prada!


Get ready to ring in the year of the dragon as I’m ready to fly off this Sunday to celebrate Chinese New Year. While the holiday takes place on January 23rd, we have the privilege to unbox the new Prada Saffiano leather wallet. We got this new baby of our client in London and yes, they are only 3 left when we get into Bond Street. We’ve been scouting around and finally we found it!!

Our trip to London this time was a memorable one, we had an amazing wedding party of our close friend, Mel and she looks amazingly beautiful. Ok, I’ll get into the wedding story it’s Prada time!! Random awkward conversation I had with one of the Prada’s SA, she has the same wallet and managed to slip in one lipstick inside. Not sure how she did it but I guess the compartments and the all over zipper probably makes it possible.


Tadaa…flying back with me this week!


Prada has an amazing way to package everything together.



Yay, let’s take a sneak peek inside Smile


Sleek and sophisticated black Prada Saffiano leather wallet

We love this sleek and sophisticated, black Prada Saffiano wallet with its gold hardware, 2 compartments 10 credit card slots, and 2 zipper closure to put important items you need for shopping, travels or even your day and night occasions.


Model 1M1183 comes in 7 different colours


2 compartments and 2 zippers with 10 credit card slots

You can never go wrong with black, and it’s definitely has the classic decent appeal and functionality. Many has asked me the meaning of ‘Saffiano’, and it simply refers to the imprint on the hide. The rough cross hatch on the Saffiano leather makes it fairly resistant to scratches and keeps it looking new for a long time.



The Saffiano leather makes it fairly resistant to scratches and keeps it looking new for a long time.



If you notice that your old wallet is already beat up and out of shape, it’s probably time to purchase a new one and the best choice is a nice looking and good quality leather wallet. There are many leather wallets for men and women out in the market to choose from. Whatever your taste is, you will surely find one that suits your preference in style, colour and price tag. The important thing is you know what to check when choosing a wallet.

Hugs to all Smile