Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shop for baby stuffs – not a chore!


Shopping for your new born normally begins before you meet the person you are buying it all for. It all happens, especially if it’s your first arrival, in a flurry of nail biting excitement. You have a million questions in your mind. What will she/he looks like? What do we call him/her? You’ll have an inkling awareness of who this little person is before you’ve ever set eyes on him/her.

If this is your first new born, it is wise to ask someone who knows what you need - could be your mum, close friends, neighbours and cousins. But then you’ll never find that anyone else’s experience exactly matches your own. Not only your lifestyle, tastes and priorities are different from others, but your little one will also be unique.


Selection of baby items for your newborn


Baby products from Avent Phillips


Avent Phillips baby monitor

We have the pleasure to help our lovely Redmummy for her coming bundle of joy (thank you for having us to be your Personal Shopper) and it was such a good experience to scout around for baby stuffs. We can see ourselves just two lost souls trying to find baby clothes and had a giggle inside Mothercare. It is an eye –opener for hubby and I, at least we have seen most baby items in person and get a feel for them.


A popular baby sleep bag from ‘Grobag’, available for newborn to 18 months


Baby monitor temperature is included in this sleep bag.


More sleep bag patterns for baby girl and boy available.


While preparing for this entry write up, I have the chance to get more insights and understanding on how to help mothers out there to shop wisely for their new borns. For instance, some baby products were found to be completely unnecessary like ‘Wipe Warmer’. I thought it was funny that such a thing exist. Is it really bad to wipe a baby's bottom with a room temperature wipe? I’m pretty sure most people do not warm their toilet paper, and it’s fine.


Footmuff from Stokke– to give more comfort to babies when you are travelling


Loving the red foot muff, excellent insulation and innovation for baby product.



You can zip it up to get the sleeping bag look for your baby.


The inside lining of the foot muff.

In terms of buying clothes, too many tiny baby clothes can be a waste of money too (even if they are awfully cute) as babies grow out of them very quickly. I have learned from a few friends that their babies were given so many onesies, some of them were not even worn before the baby got too big. I think a few outfits of each size would be enough.


Stylish baby boy outfits for 6 months and above.



Versatile bags for both mum and dad


Front view of the top handle with shoulder strap diapers bag.


Several compartments and other helpful bits and bobs for your baby stuffs.


Messenger baby diapers bag


The side and the back view of the messenger diapers bag.


Changing mat and clear pouch included inside.

Shopping for your new born is not a chore. Try not to stress about all the shopping you have to do before your due date. If you stick with simple and affordable items, you will save yourself time and money. We welcome all inquiries to shop for your new born (limited to only UK shops and websites) and we will try to find the best price available.

Have a lovely week folks! Hugs xoxo