Friday, October 7, 2011

Flying back home ~


Happy weekend my favourite readers! I have a busy and work-filled weekend ahead, but I hope to squeeze in at least one post this week before I fly back home next week. (Bye, bye cold and rainy ‘deen, welcome sunshine)!

Thank you for all the requests on PS job assignments and apologies to those who have sent me requests or going to send me request this week. I will be flying back for holidays/business trips and PS service is not available until early November.

Feet up

Ahhh sunshine and yummy food Winking smile

I’m excited to see family, friends and clients again back home plus many exciting projects, events and booked bridal appointments coming soon for Diva Darling. For those who are interested to book for consultations and appointments on wedding and evening dresses, I will be available from 17th Oct – 30th Dec.

While I’m away you can still send me inquiries, tweets, orders and I shall get back to you soonest. So don’t worry, there will be something to read on next week folks, stay tuned with us!

Hugs and smoochessss xoxo