Monday, August 8, 2011

Now That I’ve Said I Do

Are you intrigued by the title? It’s nothing to do with me saying “I Do!” Winking smile. It was chosen for a special event, only for women organised by WEvents recently. Our partner, Caron Boutique accompanied by other sponsors and supporters took part in this event at Delicious, Marc Residence KL on 30th July.



Beautiful decor for the event at Marc’s Residence (Photo credits to Wevents)


Photo credits to Wevents


Registration counter – our partner, Caron arrived at the main door (Photo credits to Wevents)

The event was a great success and participants felt enlightened with three well known speakers – Xandria Ooi, the popular tv host, emcee, columnist and the author of “Love, Work and Everything in Between”, Stephanie Chai, known as Wedding Whisperer in her column (the Star newspaper) and founder of Wedding Guide Asia and last but not least, Professor Dr Azura, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist (committee member of APCOC) to talk on some of the things that concern us women.


Xandria Ooi , the author, columnist and well known celebrity host (Photo credits to Wevents)


Stephanie Chai from Wedding Guide Asia also known as the Wedding Whisperer in her columns in the Star, her portal provides an excellent guide to all brides-to-be. (Photo credits to Wevents)


Food looks yummy! (Photo credits to Wevents)


Participants for the event – wow tables were all full! (Photo credits to Wevents)

We were informed not only the topics were interesting for the newly married or planning to tie-the-knot-soon, but they are informative and engaged the audience to participate with the speakers’ discussion. The afternoon event was filled with great topics on how to plan that special day, practical aspects of marriage such as financial and family planning plus the sumptuous food and beverages sponsored by Bayer.


Insights on the practical aspects of marriage shared by 3 speakers, Xandria Ooi, Stephanie Chai and Prof Dr. Azurah (Photo credits to Wevents)


Stephanie Chai, founder of Wedding Guide Asia (Photo credits to Wevents)


Professor Dr Azura, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist to talk on some of the things that concern us women. (Photo credits to Wevents)


Interactive discussion between participants and speakers. (Photo credits to Wevents)


Caron pulling off name cards to get one lucky winner, where are you girl? (Photo credits to Wevents)


Caron announcing the lucky prize winner (Photo credits to Wevents)


Yay, way to go girl! (Photo credits to Wevents)


(Photo credits to Wevents)

The afternoon concluded with lucky draw and gift presentation - fabulous prizes. Our partner Caron Boutique has generously presented cash vouchers door gifts and a surprise gift for the lucky draw winner. Well done everyone for the great event and I’m sure it was a meaningful afternoon for all the ladies.

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