Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introducing Speedy Bandoulière


I took the liberty to post this entry while I’m away (it should’ve been out earlier!) to announce the the arrival of Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière. Finally, Louis Vuitton came to its senses and thought the effortlessly thinkable and added that little detail which makes me love this bag so much more again. I would say it’s almost similar to the monogram Speedy that we all know and love, but it comes in a delightful innovation yet practical. The long canvas strap offers a more versatile quality to this Speedy Bandoulière-voguish handbag.


Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière, versatile and stylish (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)


Perfect extension of the iconic ...launched in the 1930s. Audrey Hepburn has one too!

This highly acclaimed and iconic Louis Vuitton line is keen to flood the fashion armada with refined and high class accessories. The Speedy Bandoulière bag is the 'IT-est' wardrobe staple of the moment as it perfectly meets the ever changing preferences of aspiring trendsetters.


LV Speedy Bandoulière featuring Caroline Sieber, most wanted celebrity stylists (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)


I love the way she struts with the Speedy Bandoulière


You can casually slung across body or draped gracefully over the shoulder. (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)

As versatile as it is stylish, the Speedy Bandoulière can be worn in new ways – casually slung across the body or draped gracefully over the shoulder – as well as carried in the conventional manner, in the hand or on the arm, with the shoulder strap.


Wear it with your going-for-night-out dress, still looks perfect! (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)

légendes DP Speedy bandouliere PAP

“These boots were made for walking.. la la la” – killer boots to wear and who cares if I fall flat on my face haha. (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)


You can definitely flaunt it just like Caroline Sieber (self-mantra ummm..) (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)


Gorgeous Bandoulière, pair it with your hot leather shorts! (Photo credits to Louis Vuitton)

This bag has the perfect dimensions, for petite ladies (like me Winking smile), can definitely flaunt it just like the LV model for Speedy Bandoulière- Caroline Sieber. The Speedy Bandoulière comes in four sizes in Monogram print and is available in the worldwide network of Louis Vuitton stores from May 2011.

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