Monday, July 11, 2011

Flops That Make You Fit


I must admit that when it comes to fitness trends, I am highly sceptical. I’m sceptical about most claims made by most products, but fitness seems to fall into a special category, since companies love to prey on the many people desperate to slim down and tone up. So when I received 4 pairs of “FitFlop” (you probably heard about it!) for one of my reader, I didn’t exactly rush out and start buying short skirts to show my legs.


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FitFlop benefits and just throw them on while you’re running errands, walking to work, or working around your house.

After reading numerous reviews from Fitflop wearers, I was pretty amazed to hear so many people do actually wear FitFlop to exercise their legs and tone muscles. They claimed that the Fitflops sandals are to be the “flip flop with the gym built in”, specially designed footbed on the sandal to help tone and trim your legs and bum every step you take.


“Frou” – Electric Indigo

Essentially, as the makers say, the sandals are designed to destabilise the foot slightly and force the legs to work harder by engaging muscles for a longer period of time with each step. Mmm, my weekly routine of running at least 3 times a week & go to the gym, will this sandal replaces all that? Winking smile I think they're not going to replace your regular workout, but it'd be an easy way to sneak in some extra burn and supplement your workout.


4 pairs of Fitflops specially ordered for our lovely Diva Darling reader – thanks dear!


Elektra black and Rokkit Silver Nova


I like the intricate details of this Rokkit Silver Nova – more foot friendly than regular flip flops.

Elektra blackDSC_0554

The Elektra Black – more sequins detailing, you can wear it with your shorts and skirts.

The engineered FitFlops are considerably more foot friendly than regular flip flops. FitFlop have a much harder heel than most flops and offer a lot more support. Aside from having the muscle-activating, leg-toning midsoles that made the brand famous, the latest FitFlop are fitted out with a new kind of Microwobbleboard technology that provides maximum support and added fitness while walking. Check it out for yourself in Fitflop website, and tell us which FitFlop you like best!



Rokkit Black Diamond on the go!


Made from Microwobbleboard technology that provides maximum support and added fitness while walking.


DSC_0568Lolla chocolate

“Lolla chocolate” - a simple, chic, comfy, two bar and espadrille-inspired wedge slide sandal.


Available in 4 shade of super-soft suede – blue, beige, brown and black.

If you are interested in experimenting with FitFlops you can find a store that sells them near you with this handy store locator, which will also help you find online retailers or contact us to be your Personal Shopper to get the flops.

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