Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fabulous Kids Parties

bday cake

Tired of the same old party ideas? Want something stylish and memorable, without the hours of planning & shopping stress? We know it's hard not to be intimidated by the over-the-top, gazillion-dollar parties some kids have these days. But there's no need to spend tons of money or time to plan an amazing event. The best parties are totally personal, so think about what your child loves, whether it's blocks, baseball, puppies, or princesses.


AnisMagicFingers (AMF) will take the stress out of planning your perfect party! AMF will be hosting creative themed parties for children and will take care of the details while you enjoy the party with your child and guests.


If the idea of planning a big bash, or even a small soiree, makes you break out in a cold sweat, then AMF here to help!


The AMF team entertaining the kids with the games they organised.


Yay, Minnie looks happy dancing away =)


Kids themed party includes balloon decorations, mascot rental, dances, games, cakes & fruit tarts.

They have recently organised a fun and fabulous time with their new Minnie Mouse. (I love Disney characters, wish I’m still a kid lol!) The team games led by Anis and the three team members were a great success. The kids loved the cakes and fruit tarts, so much hugging with the Minnie and of course the splendid games they’ve prepared.


Yummy cake and fruit tarts for the kids!




Let AMF team help you to organise and leave the stress behind! =)

Now to all mommies & daddies out there, kids parties are really a big deal, so you'll be spoilt for choice. Meanwhile, let AMF team help you to organise and leave the stress behind! =)

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