Friday, July 8, 2011

Colour Me Purple


After my colour revelation (someone commented on how pure white made me look sick) in my late teens, I ventured into the world of colour analysis and discovered 'Colour Me Beautiful'. Since then I've been obsessed about selecting the right colours for my colouring. And if I could get a pound for every person who has said: 'Well, white is white. Who cares', then I would be a millionaire by now ;)


Wedding inspirations in purple Winking smile


I just realised that purple is a popular colour for weddings, engagements, parties, etc! There are so many creative ways to incorporate purple into your life. Now, how to wear purple? Dresses, particularly for the evening, look fantastic in all shades of lilac, plum, magenta, mauve and deep purple - there is something very mysterious about darker shades of purple.


Abbie Cornish, Australian actress with her lilac dress (I love this too!)


Celebrities in purple!

Too much purple in an outfit can mean trouble, however you can use purple very subtly by wearing purple accessories. Carry a purple handbag or a purple pair of shoes with a monochromatic, neutral outfit. This can be black, grey, white or tans. Embellish an outfit with purple jewellery or a scarf.

Remember ladies, keep accessories subtle when dressing in a purple outfit. If wearing a purple dress, wear it with black jewellery and shoes, or something as bold as the purple like leopard print pumps. Do not go head-to-toe purple. Enjoy our July evening wear collection. Winking smile

**In case you want to add sleeves, make it short or change to other colours for the dresses below, please contact for more info.

loveColour Me Purple –1



A one shoulder dress with flowers and beads complete with ruched bust for more elegant look. Fully lined, lays gracefully on the body and attractive bust line invites a few collected pleats details, while the bustier coming into being form-fitted shape.

Material: Chiffon

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –2



A beaded one shoulder dress with beautiful flair at the back. Soft cascading flow from a fitted bodice to romantically flounce as you glide down the walkway of your big event.

Material: Two-tone silk chiffon

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –3



Dramatic silhouette evening dress in rich purple silk chiffon fabric with satin shoulder strap. Alluringly sophisticated line features handmade touches.

Material: Silk chiffon & Satin

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –4

Flower detach1Flower detach2

    Flower detachFlower detach3

    This enchanting design features chiffon crepe throughout the bodice then gently gathered throughout skirt. What’s best for this dress? It has beautiful flower petals with removable shoulder strap.

Material: Chiffon crepe

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –5



Float onto the dance floor in this long flowing A-line chiffon dress with elegant detailing hand beaded sequins and flair at the back.

Material: Chiffon

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –6



Silk chiffon dress with draping detailing across waist, gorgeous hand beaded sequins & crystals on the bustier, get ready to flaunt your figure with this dress.

Material: Silk chiffon

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –7

sleeve cut2sleeve cut

sleeve cut1

Beautiful evening dress with shoulder cut out strap with, bejewelled shoulder and waist adds shine and sparkle for an intriguing and unique look. Comfortable cut, this dress is favourite to bodies that are in need of camouflage in some areas.

Material: Satin

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)

loveColour Me Purple –8



Features its beautiful silhouette and strapless design with pleated bodice empire waist, an A-line dress is the touch of glamour of the social event.

Material: Silk chiffon

Available for pre-order (UK6-20)